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Boost Your Brand’s First Impression

Boost Your Brand’s First Impression

The world’s gone into hyperdrive. It’s a place where people travel at a million miles an hour and barely have time for anything anymore, where attention spans have fallen into the milliseconds. Think about it for a moment. The microwave made cooking a thousand times faster, Netflix removed the need for people to leave the house and hire a movie, the smartphone put the world’s information in your pocket and Tasty started pumping out sixty-second recipe videos and now, what we have, is a world of people that don’t have the patience to wait for anything.


In terms of business that means you need to make your brand stand out super-fast so that you are grabbing your customer’s attention in a split-second. The problem is, how on earth are you meant to do this?


Well, to help you out, we’ve pulled together a list of ways you can up your game and wow people from the moment they hear your brand’s name:


  1. Know Your Audience, ASAP

The only way you can have a super-stand-out brand is by getting to know your audience well before you even try to appeal to them. That’s the secret to success on this front. You need to understand who they are, what they do, what they like and what patterns they share and then, once you understand them well, you can start to come up with a brand message that will hook them from the get-go.


  1. Dress To The Nines

Once you know what your audience likes, you can start to look at what brands they are already hooked on and then decide to follow suit or stand out (although the latter takes serious courage). Either way, you need to dress to the nines and that means having an epic web design. You want a website that wows, that uses the right brand colors, the right fonts, and making sure everything from your online presence to your printed materials follows suit.


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  1. Time To Become Social

You might not think you need to be on social media because of the nature of your business, but that’s where your audience is, so you do. No, you don’t have to be on all of them, but you should embrace at least a couple of different platforms and then start posting to them regularly. It’s the best way to start sharing your content and boost your message, whether that’s through blog posts, vlogs, webinars or interviews. This is a must.


  1. Speak Your Customer’s Language

Now is not the time to get your language wrong. No way. Thankfully, that’s easier than you might think because all you need to do is hire a creative content writer and have them speak your customer’s language. It’s about using the words they use – expressions, phrases and slang – and then using that everywhere, from your social media replies to your emails. Wow your target audience by being a brand for them, something Copper Milk Creative and Oatly do very well, amongst others.

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