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How To Stay Safe In Your Business Inbox

How To Stay Safe In Your Business Inbox

Business emails are something you might put your trust into, especially when it comes to email clients and customers. However, there are some instances that can result in a scam or data breach, which can hinder the protection of your business. 

Your business could be losing money due to a phishing scam or you might be sending your details to the wrong person, which could result in a data breach. Either way, knowing how to stay safe in your business emails will guarantee the utmost safety and protection. 

Here are some top tips to help you stay safe in your business inbox.


Understanding how to spot a scammer

It can be easier to spot a scammer than you think. 

Reading a phishing guide will teach you how to spot the bad guys and ensure you do not fall for their tricks. Handing over your personal information to the wrong people can get you in all kinds of trouble. Therefore, knowing who to trust and who not to trust through email will ensure you stay safe. 

Monitor employee inboxes

A great email security practice is to monitor your employee’s inboxes. Although these are private to some extent, you are allowed to access employee emails as it is your company they are working for. There should never be any strange email activity and if there is, you can ensure to pull them up on it and get them to explain. 

Assessing your employee’s inboxes will guarantee there is nothing going on behind your back. Plus, it can help you acknowledge whether they have received phishing scams, which they might not have been aware of. 

You do not need to do this often but every month is enough. Ensuring teach them about scams and how to spot them will ensure they can do their best to avoid data breaches. 

Don’t mix email accounts and devices

If you have a business email, never mix it with your personal email. Plus, never log in from your personal devices. 

Keeping your business email linked with your business laptop will ensure that data isn’t mixed and if your personal laptop is hacked, your business emails will not be tampered with.

You should never mix business with pleasure and keeping your business email separate is an easy and effective measure to put into place. 

Use different emails for different business accounts

If you use multiple business email accounts, or you have multiple employees with their own accounts, ensure to use unique passwords for each one. Having the same password means that if one account is breached, they can all be tampered with. 

It can be easy to set up unique passwords for each account, which is a small yet effective step to protecting your business data. Ensure to avoid handing out your passwords as you might give them to the wrong person, which could result in a security issue. Allow every employee to create and keep their own password, which you can have access to when monitoring their inbox. 

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