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The Marketing Tactics That Matter the Most

Marketing is an essential part of any business. Marketing strategies are the backbone of a successful marketing campaign. Marketing strategies that work are usually not just one specific strategy, but rather a combination of different tactics that work together to achieve success in today’s marketplace. Turning to tips is a great way to get started with marketing. They provide insights […]

Why Dental SEO is Important for Dental Marketing

Search engine optimisation or dental SEO has become very important for effective dental marketing. Two decades ago, it was sufficient to have a dental website that potential patients could search for if they had heard of your name, walked past your practice or been referred to by a family member or friend. However, in these last couple of years, such […]

Building a Strong Brand: The Art of Logo Design

A brand is a company’s identity. It can be recognized in most cases by the logo or slogan, but it also includes colours and images used consistently throughout all of their materials. A consistent image builds trust and familiarity for customers, which often leads to increased sales volume. Photo by Quintin Gellar from Pexels Here Are 7 Benefits to Having […]