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Common Childhood Fears And How To Deal With Them

Common Childhood Fears And How To Deal With Them

All kids are afraid of something. Even if they seem like the bravest 6-year-old in the world, there’s something out there that makes them want to shout the house down! And that might be something you’re noticing right now. 

Indeed, maybe you’ve noticed your son/daughter being more anxious after a recent family emergency? Perhaps they’ve always been a little withdrawn and you’re worried they may be hiding a fear from you? 

Either way, childhood fears are common, but they don’t have to stop your child from feeling safe and secure. Check out the most common fears below and how you can help your child deal with them.

Being in the Dark

Anything could be in the dark, couldn’t it? Well no, but as an adult we realise that. As a child, all kinds of monsters and villains could be out there just waiting to grab you! And when your child has trouble sleeping at night because there might be something under the bed, or they regularly have nightmares thanks to their overactive imagination, it’s best to sit and talk to them about it. 

Remind them home is a safe place and you wouldn’t let anything in, and even check under the bed and in the wardrobe to show them nothing is there. You can also help them come up with ‘weapons’ to help keep the dark away, and let them use their imagination to fight back, rather than just be afraid. 

The doctor can be a scary person. Indeed, any healthcare professional can be. Because being poked and prodded and potentially even needing to get an injection is the scariest thing in the world when you’re small! 

Going to the Doctor

However, dentists like Dr. Rajesh Tomar often know all about children’s fears relating to needles and dentist chairs and having to wait in a doctor’s waiting room, and can accommodate for your child’s feelings. If you’re worried about your child’s reaction, it’s always best to call ahead before an appointment and see what they can do to help keep things calm. 

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Noisy, Boisterous Pets

A big dog can be horrible to come across when you’re the same size as one! Even small dogs can be scary when they make a lot of noise or come bounding up to you at full speed. And because of this, many children have a fear of common household pets. 

From cats and dogs to rabbits and hamsters (if they’ve been nipped or peed on before) can all be ‘monsters’ in your child’s world. Of course, kids usually grow out of this, but you can help them by showing them how nice pets can be by stroking and interacting with them in front of your little one. Guide their hands when they come over to check things out, and even help them give treats. 

We all grow up with certain fears. Help your child deal with them step by step, even if you know they’ll grow out of it.

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