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Do You Get Confused When Choosing Kitchen Countertops? Here Are Some Tips

Do You Get Confused When Choosing Kitchen Countertops? Here Are Some Tips

Your house is your dream house and it definitely needs everything that would help to make it look more beautiful, Isn’t it? 

Well, when it comes to the value of the home, not only the living room, bedrooms, and lawn need to look fascinating but the kitchen countertops even needs to look amazingly attractive. Hence, it becomes vital to select the right material and the right look. Moving forward with this thought, many people are attracted to Graphite countertops. You can say that they are catching all the limelight currently. 

The best part of these countertops is that they come in a huge range of patterns and colors like black, brown, white, and bold colors that include green, reg, and blues. Now with these options, you select the one that matches the light of the kitchen because that will look good. And if you are getting confused then follow the tips that we have jotted down to make the selection easy for you. 

Photo by Jesse Bannister from Pexels

Select a peg

For creating a color scheme for the kitchen, normally designers select 1 element as a basis. Thus, when you choose the granite countertop, you have 2 options in hand, first, go with the primary color that best fits with the dominant color in the kitchen, that is normally the cabinets, or the second option is that you can go with streaks or veins that matches with the color scheme of the kitchen. For example – choose granite with white veins and white background if your cabinet’s color is white. 

Go light or dark

In some cases, granite countertops are not only used to add effects or match it with the color scheme but as per the size of the kitchen also. Suppose, you have a small-sized kitchen, you can go ahead with light colors such as gray, beige, or white. The only concern that comes when you wish to add a light color countertop is the stains but thanks to granite, they are stain-resistant, hence this point is invalid. Similarly, for a big kitchen, a dark color granite countertop will be good as it will add some drama. This option doesn’t work with the one where there is no natural light. 

Go for a pattern

Most people don’t consider patterns and search for colors but patterns can really be a great hook in a few cases. In case your kitchen design is a bit colorful then you might want to select granite countertops that are less solid as a contrast.

There are places in the U.S where you get the high quality granite like Elberton in Georgia which is also known as the granite capital of the world. Thus, if you are living here then with a vast variety of Granite Countertops Norcross Georgia, you might get overwhelmed and confused, just make sure to select the one that suits the ambiance of your kitchen.

Rules For Granite colored countertops

If you have finally decided to go with the colorful countertops. Then here are some rules then you should follow so that you get the right one. Because it is very important to consider a few things when it comes to choosing bright colors like red or a color that looks perfect like Black. Scroll down to know the details. 

Black granite

If you are a person who likes everything simple yet elegant then go with black color. Wait, this will only go if you have a neutral or monochromatic kitchen and large kitchen with plenty of natural light, as they have a great sprinkling of silver or white specks to reflect the light. 

Wondering if you have a small kitchen and you wish to use black but you can’t. Hang on! You can use it but make sure that your cabinets are white then only the contrast will work. 

White granite

It has been seen that pure white granite is hard to find and the most common that you get is gray, beige, pink, and brown. If you are a person who loves to style your kitchen differently and want to give it a contemporary look then find out the pure white one, as it will enhance the look of your kitchen. Not only this but white granite will give your kitchen a retro and vintage look if you have similar sort of appliances. 

The safest choice is white, as it goes with almost everything. Just make sure that you get the one that has some sort of design over it to make it look lively and not lifeless. 

Red granite

Red is the hardest color to find when it comes to countertops and it’s a bold step as well. But if you are very much interested in adding red in your kitchen then make sure that the cabinets and appliances are of neutral color then only the red color will complement the whole kitchen. And if you are looking for an easy way out then try to find out the red that comes with a combination of silver, yellow or white.  

Red granite will offer a more brighter and dramatic look but everything depends on the color of your kitchen and the shade of red you select. 

Final Words

Granite is a very versatile stone and that’s the reason you get so many options in countertops. They work and look amazing in any sort of kitchen, just keep in mind that you need to consider the light of the kitchen, color of the cabinets, and appliances when you select a countertop. There is no doubt that every part of the home needs to look good, the same goes with the kitchen and hence, there are plenty of options that you get to choose from. If you are stuck somewhere and confused, take professional help and they will guide you regarding the designs and colors that will go perfectly with your kitchen ambiance. Because there is a possibility that you might get confused and choose the wrong one in a hurry, it’s better to consult than to cry later. Go through the tips and color details that are mentioned in the article, it will definitely help you at the time of selecting the right countertop for your kitchen.