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Dreaming Of Becoming a Motocross Racer? Read This!

Dreaming Of Becoming a Motocross Racer? Read This!

Motocross is an exciting sport. Between the bikes, gear, tracks, and racing, it can be an exhilarating experience. Because of the speed involved in motocross, it can also come with injuries and accidents. Below are a few basics to consider before a person starts riding that can help prevent serious accidents and injuries.

Rider Riding Green Motocross Dirt Bike

Understanding the Gear

Motocross gear is not made only to look good, it is for safety purposes. The below list explains the items any rider must wear.

· Helmet. In the case of an accident, the helmet is the piece that protects the rider’s head, making it a top priority.

· Goggles. Goggles protect the rider’s eyes not only in an accident but throughout the entire race. Pieces of dirt and other debris can be thrown up from other riders, potentially causing serious eye injuries. By wearing 100Percent goggles, this risk is virtually eliminated.

· Boots. Riding boots protect the rider’s feet from being run over and provide traction for staying on the footpegs of the bike.

· Racing Pant and Shirts. These items protect the arm and legs from scrapes and road rash in the case of an accident.

· Gloves. Gloves protect the hands from dirt and debris and provide extra grip for the throttle and brake lever.

Be a Race Spectator

If someone is considering motocross, the chances are they have watched a race at some point. However, it is important to watch many races. By spectating this sport, the potential rider can learn numerous things.

· Rules. Just as with any sport, motocross has rules that must be followed. What better way to understand these rules than to see them in action. Rules can range from the timed length of the race to rules for the starting line. Understanding and abiding by the rules will always be imperative.

· Riding techniques. Even though much of this will have to be learned by riding the potential riders will be able to observe how the professionals do it. By watching their body movements inside turns and during jumps, the future rider will see the fundamentals of riding.

· Gauge interest. By watching numerous races, the new rider can gauge how interested they truly are. If they quickly get bored, they will likely get bored while riding as well. This also lets them understand some of the pitfalls and hardships that go along with racing to ensure they can manage them.

Finding the Correct Bike

Finding the correct bike is a crucial step for a new rider. There are a few factors to be considered before the purchase.

· Age and size of Rider. It goes without saying that a small child should not be on a 450cc bike, nor a grown person is riding a 50cc bike. The age and size of the rider play important roles in determining the size of the bike for the new rider. For instance, a 16-year old with no experience who is large in terms of size should consider a mid-range bike, such as a 125cc. Information about the bike size and the speed and handling of the bike should be researched before the purchase.

· Riding Style and Experience of the Rider. This may not even be a consideration for a brand new rider. However, if the person has limited riding experience, these two factors need to be considered.

Motocross is a commitment. The rider must be serious about safety and willing to learn. If every time the rider gets on the bike, they will have a greater understanding of the fundamentals and the sport as a whole, and it will turn into a lifelong hobby.