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Enter Shikari – The Spark Tour – 24/11/2017

Enter Shikari – The Spark Tour – 24/11/2017

For the first time in over a decade (jeez I feel old) I had the opportunity to go and see my favourite band live. Luckily for me, Mr Pie loves Enter Shikari as much as I do, so as soon as we saw the tickets available much earlier this year we booked to see them in Birmingham.

Here was the set list that they played:

The Spark (played from tape)
The Sights
Anything Can Happen in the Next Half Hour…
Take My Country Back
The Last Garrison
Undercover Agents
Arguing with Thermometers
Rabble Rouser
Sorry, You’re Not a Winner / Sssnakepit / …Meltdown / Antwerpen

Live Outside
The Embers (played from tape)

The Experience

We were so excited that we were one of the first people to be queuing up outside. I was absolutely freezing because I was only wearing my Enter Shikari vest top on my top half, but I didn’t care. In fact, we were so early that we heard the lads doing their sound check as we were making our way through the car park.

We grabbed ourselves some merch from the stand outside and then joined the queue in anticipation for the doors to open.

When we were finally inside, we loaded up on drinks and made our way to the front of the crowd. We were lucky enough to see Astroid Boys and Lower Than Atlantis play too! If anyone gets the chance to catch these guys live it’s definitely worth the experience! The crowd was lapping up their energy and becoming even more ecstatic for the Enter Shikari lads to finally come on stage.

…and soon we will be here, standing like statues

It seemed like forever, but the time finally arrived and the boys hyped up the anticipation even more by playing a ten minute countdown from The Spark before making an epic entrance on stage with their incredible get-up-and-go energy. Me and Mr Pie clung on to each other and began singing our hearts out to The Sights.

Before long, a personal favourite of mine from their earlier days and the album ‘Take To The Skies’ came on and the lads exploded on stage. That is until Rob Rolfe got over excited and managed to break off part of his drumstick, hitting it onto the tape player and beginning Zzonked way too early on in the show. Nothing wrong in rocking out too hard though is there? Even more ironic that the song was called Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour?!

Emotional Roller-coaster

The Enter Shikari lads continued with their insane energy playing songs from their new album, while slipping in some classics from the past. Suddenly the stage went dark, and Rou Reynolds disappears from stage. Within what seemed like a matter of seconds, he was on a stage behind the crowd, sat at a piano. He played a beautiful rendition of Airfield from their latest album. I knew this song meant something to him because of the lyrics, but hearing it live really hit home more than ever, bringing tears to my eyes. To add the cherry on top of the emotional roller-coaster that we were experiencing, the boys then played Adieu. Not many people know that my best friend committed suicide six years ago, and Adieu was one of his favourite songs. Hearing the lads play caused floods of tears, but they were happy tears in remembrance of my friend and also the sheer experience of it all.

The lads ended their set list with a quickfire round of their highest tempo songs which really got the crowd back on their feet. The adrenaline in the room was immense, like nothing I’ve ever experienced! They ended their gig with their encore of Redshift and Live Outside, which both myself and Mr Pie recorded because it’s Dinky’s favourite song!

We left the gig in extremely high spirits, still full of adrenaline and also wishing that it wasn’t over so quickly! Thank you to the Enter Shikari boys for such an amazing experience, and we will see you again!

Here are some videos that I caught that evening!