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Four Things to Know About Working Abroad

Four Things to Know About Working Abroad

It’s an exciting time, deciding to work abroad. You are making a huge change in life and you are going to be stepping into a new role, a new culture and a whole new world – well, it’ll feel that way! When you get the opportunity to work abroad, it’s not one that you should turn down. It’s more than just an opportunity, it’s a life experience that you will never forget and it could potentially change your life forever.

Before you decide to head abroad, though, there is a lot that you need to learn. From country etiquette to where to find professional translation services for your documents, you need to be well-versed in everything possible to make your transition easier. Whether you are staying abroad for one month or one year, your life will be irrevocably changed, and that’s not a bad thing. Working abroad will offer you experiences that you would never get in the town you live in, but here are some of the most important things that you need to know before you go:

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  • Choose A Good Employer. Employers who offer you a role with their company should be doing everything possible to ensure that your transition to your new role is a good one. They should help you with those initial startup costs, your lights should be arranged with their help and you should remember that your employer should be enthusiastic about your joining. One of the most important elements to consider in your employer, is one who will help you with your visa. If you have a family, they should be including them in the plans to move, too.
  • Understand The Work-Life Balance. Going abroad for a year or so is a big deal, and you need to know that your new business has a good company culture as well as a solid work-life balance. Ask about the annual leave and sick pay, and make sure that your employer will support you should something go wrong. Get to know the people in your new team via live chats etc before you go – this will help you to integrate and settle better.
  • Know Your Terms. In your home country, your employer may ask you for one month’s notice if you need to leave. In other countries, they ask for two to three month’s of notice. You have to think about whether you can make that type of commitment to one employer. If you don’t understand the human resources laws in that country, you could find that you are stuck in a position that you have no idea how to get out of, and this isn’t the experience that you want when moving abroad to work.
  • Are There Visa Conditions? Lastly, before you go, you need to consider your visa and any conditions surrounding living and working in the country of choice. These vary from visa to visa and if you break visa conditions, you could end up being sent home!