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From Immunity Strengthening to Pain Relief: 6 Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

From Immunity Strengthening to Pain Relief: 6 Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Do you know all the health benefits of massage therapy? There’s nothing more relaxing than a full-body massage after a long week at work, but many people don’t realize how massage therapy can actually help their body. Massages are more than just a feel-good activity. Here’s how your body positively reacts to massage therapy:

1. Reduces Muscle Pain

Everyone experiences sore muscles on occasion, but before you pop another pain pill, you may want to consider scheduling a massage instead. Massages help loosen your tight, sore muscles. It even improves circulation, which may help reduce pain. Even those suffering from chronic pain may see improvement after a few sessions. For the best results, make sure your massage therapist uses a massage lotion to help their hands glide easily over your body.


2. Counteracts Sitting

Sitting is the worst thing people do to their bodies. However, the average adult sits for 6.5 hours a day. All that sitting puts pressure on your lumbar can lead to poor posture. It’s no wonder why so many office workers complain about lower back pain. Getting regular massages can help counteract the adverse effects of sitting. A professional massage will help realign the body and reduce physical stress.

3. Reduce Anxiety and Depression

More people are diagnosed with anxiety and depression than ever before. These mental ailments often leave a person feeling overwhelmed, sad, and lonely. Massages help improve these feelings by providing much needed physical contact. Human touch is very therapeutic, and a massage may be the only contact a person gets. Depressed and anxious individuals often report feeling happier and more alert after a massage therapy appointment.

4. Promote Better Sleep

How much did you sleep last night? If you’re like most Americans, you didn’t get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep. Unfortunately, lack of sleep eventually manifests into daytime drowsiness and forgetfulness. Over time, not getting enough sleep also increases your risk of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. A massage can help improve your sleep habits. There is evidence that a single massage can increase serotonin levels and help you sleep soundly through the night.

5. Fight off Sickness

Your white blood cells fight off foreign invaders. However, a weakened immune system can’t do its job properly. Luckily, massage therapy can give your immune system the boost it needs to keep you well. Research shows that getting regular massages can actually help your body produce more white blood cells. It also reduces inflammation and even helps your body flush out dangerous toxins. All it takes is a 45-minute massage to improve your immune system function.

6. Say Goodbye to Headaches

There’s nothing worse than getting a headache in the middle of the day. Whether you suffer from tension headaches, sinus headaches, or migraines, you know how debilitating they can become. Over-the-counter medications don’t always alleviate the symptoms either. Would you prefer a natural way to treat a headache? Try booking a massage. Massage therapy is helpful for all headaches, but it’s especially beneficial for relieving tension headaches. If you get sinus headaches, the therapist may be able to drain your sinuses with special massage techniques. A scalp massage may even help reduce the pain of a migraine.

Relax Your Way to Better Health

When was the last time you scheduled a professional massage? If you can’t remember, it’s been too long. It may be time to make massages a regular part of your routine. There are so many health benefits that come along with massage therapy, and you’ll enjoy every minute of the healing process.