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Getting Your Children Back Into Their Routine For School

Getting Your Children Back Into Their Routine For School

It’s easy to slip out of routines in the summer holidays because it’s likely you don’t have to get the children up really early like you do with school. Now that the new school term is approaching, it’s time to start thinking about getting the kids back to their school routine.


That’s the first routine that comes to mind. I know for a fact that my little one has been staying up later since the summer holidays has begun. As of today, he will be going back to his stricter bedtime routine, and if you’ve got a week or so until your kids return to school, it might be worth doing this too. Your children are going into a new school year, so if it’s been a while since you have made their bedtime a little later, consider doing so, because they might not be tired when you’re trying to put them to bed. Making them feel more grown up by going to bed a little later will boost their confidence in going into their new school year. Obviously, if they are ready for bed at the normal time, stick to it for now.


If you’ve got young children who are now beginning to wear school uniform, prepare them for their morning routine by getting them to practice putting on their school uniform. Having them come in a show off how smart they look to the family will encourage them to be excited about going back to school. Make sure that you set a place within their bedroom that you will lay out their school clothes so that in the mornings, they can get ready for school without a hitch.


Taking your children for a final haircut before they return to school will allow them to go into their first day looking their best. Going into a new and higher year can be a very daunting idea for some children, so the key is to boost their confidence as much as possible. This way, when you wave them into the school you can rest assured knowing that you’ve sent them in happy.

Prepare Yourself

Make it as easy for yourself in the mornings as possible. Easier said than done, I know. If you’ve never been a morning person, check out how to make your morning routine a doddle. As much as you might be looking forward to the children going back to school, there will probably be tears fill your eyes as they venture into their new school year. Be sure to pack some tissues!


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