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Getting Into Camping (Even If You Aren’t “At One With Nature”)

Getting Into Camping (Even If You Aren’t “At One With Nature”)

So many of us don’t have the money to jet-set around the globe. This means we’ve got to find more creative ways to enjoy our vacation time. And this can mean that we’ve got to bring it down to the basics. Before you pack your suitcase and put another holiday on your credit cards, let’s make the case for camping. For many people, it is a little bit too down and dirty. But how can you start camping if you are averse to the whole idea and still make it a worthwhile holiday?

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Camping With Comfort

While many people love the idea of glamping if this is still a little bit too close to the earth you could get a campervan. There are suppliers like Austrack Campers that can provide you with a campervan to suit your needs. Arguably, this is, in many ways, a better approach to camping than setting up a tent in the middle of the field. You can go on a road trip and find somewhere that is suitable for you. Likewise, many families go in a campervan to one of the many national parks or camping sites and straddle the balance between living out in the elements but with the security of being able to drive off whenever you please! If you like the idea of camping but you still need some of your earthly pleasures this is one of the best ways to get a good mixture of the two.

Start Small

It may seem a little silly but going camping in your back garden is the perfect way to acclimatize yourself to that sensation of being out in the elements. Whatsmore, if you’ve got young children, this is a perfect way to get everybody in adventure mode. Going out the back garden is another way of having some comfort in the fact that you are close to home, so if you really need to wash your hands, you can venture back into the house! But camping out the back garden is going to give you the feel for the occasion without panicking that you are out of your depth.

Focus On Fun

If you don’t like camping, you can very easily focus on the negative aspects. But the great thing about camping is that you can do a lot more than you realise. You can enjoy a barbecue as you would in your back garden but it is also the opportunity to get back to simplify things. If you focus on the fact that you can’t get phone reception, you’re not going to have fun. Going camping is a way to get back to the bare basics but think about it as a way to plan things that you wouldn’t normally do. Getting back into nature is good for us but if you are someone who is glued to your phone normally, think about filling up the time with things to do. You could take a book or finally make the most of downtime to practice your guitar playing. It doesn’t have to be boring!

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