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Getting Used to a Long Commute

Getting Used to a Long Commute

Many of us face a long commute. In fact, our commutes seem to be getting longer all the time, and the average UK commute is now just under an hour every day. If you drive to work, it can be more convenient than relying on public transport and certainly more comfortable, but it’s still pretty annoying, especially if you face rush hour traffic twice a day. 

But, learning to embrace your commute, instead of letting it stress you out can give your entire day a more positive spin. If you hate your commute and find that it makes you angry, you might arrive at work stressed out, already tired and feeling like you’ve already put a shift in. The rest of your day could follow suit, and by the time you get home, having sat in yet more traffic, you might be exceptionally grumpy and unable to enjoy your evening or get any rest. Get used to your commute, and your days might be more productive, happier and more enjoyable. You might even be able to enjoy your time in traffic. Let’s take a look at some ways to get used to what might be a long commute. 

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Consider a New Car

If your car is uncomfortable, unreliable and costs more to run than it should, your commute might be worse and take longer than it needs to. You might spend the trips worried about breaking down or running out of fuel, and arrive at work with a backache and stiff joints. 

If this is the case, a new car could help ease your commute. Explore Car Finance options and look around for something within your budget that suits your needs. 

Plan Your Route

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Planning your route carefully can make your commute much more comfortable. But, it’s also a good idea to have alternate routes planned out and to be flexible. Check traffic conditions, and for road works and closures before you set out and you won’t be caught off guard. Sometimes, you might want to take a different route for a change of scenery. Options are always a good idea. 

Even if you are familiar with routes and know alternatives, it can still be a good idea to install a satellite navigation system, especially if you face a long, complicated journey, or you don’t feel confident with directions. 

Try Podcasts and Audiobooks

Sitting in a car for an hour at a time can be tedious, especially when you feel as though you are wasting your time, and could be doing something more important. Podcasts and audiobooks are a great idea because they entertain, and give you something to take your mind off the drive. But, they can also help you to learn new things, keep your mind focused and alert and improve your mood. 

Build Playlists

Music can also be great. You might enjoy listening to the radio, as you’ll hear different things, as well as the news, and chat. But, sometimes, you just want a playlist that suits your mood. In newer cars, you might be able to stream Spotify and use Alexa to control what plays, but even in older cars, you can build CD playlists to keep you going. 

Service Your Car

The last thing that you want on a long commute is a breakdown, or to feel signs that your car is failing. If you drive a lot and face a daily commute, it is crucial that your car is regularly serviced, and that you deal with any issues that come up on your MOTs. If you spot any signs of trouble, head to a garage as soon as you can. 

Find Favourite Gas Stations

While they are largely, all the same, we’ve all got our favourite gas stations. Your favourites might be those that have plenty of space, or that are easy to drive to. You might like to pay at the pump or enjoy a particular trip. Find your favourite gas stations and even places to take breaks, along your commute. 

Make the Most of the Time

You can use your morning commute to plan your day. It certainly doesn’t have to be a waste of your time. Use your trip to think about what you have to do that day, to make checklists in your head, and to think about any meetings that you might have, and what you want to say. This can help you to hit the ground running when you arrive at the office. 

Start a Car Share

Is there anyone at work who lives close to you? Or anyone that lives near that works somewhere that’s on your way? Does anyone you work with live somewhere along your route? Ask yourself if there’s any way a car share would be possible. 

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