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Give Him Some Credit, He’s Trying His Hardest

Give Him Some Credit, He’s Trying His Hardest

As you may be aware, Zak recently had his diagnosis for autism confirmed. While this was a relief to finally have a diagnosis so that we could concentrate on getting him the help that he needs, it was also difficult for me to process at first. Anyway, since then we’ve had a follow-up appointment with the community pediatrician to discuss the next steps and also anything else that might have been on our minds. I’m really happy to say that we’re now on the right track in terms of support for Zak and his development.

I am, however, feeling a little deflated recently. The one thing that you’ve got to get used to hearing when your child has a developmental delay is that there’s something wrong with them. You constantly have to read and hear about their weaknesses and to be honest, it’s rather depressing. I guess the point of this post today is to tell everyone to give him some credit. He’s trying his hardest!

He might need reassurance every morning about the routine for the day, but no matter whether it’s raining, sunny, or snowing, he always greets me with the biggest and warmest smile.

He might not know how to join in with children playing, but he’s always trying to please people. Every day he shows me that he cares with little gestures like helping me work by typing the words he knows for me on his tablet.

He might not be able to sit still for a very long time, but damn he gives the best hugs and kisses.

He may be scared of the bathroom fan, but he’s overcome more fears than anyone should ever have to in a lifetime.

He’s a sensitive soul, but he’s the strongest person I know.

He might not be able to keep up with ‘normal’ children, but jeez he tries his hardest.

He’s not always got the best behaviour (no child does), but he learns from his mistakes and is proud of that.

I know that he needs help to encourage his learning and to help him thrive in life. However, I think that people should know how much of an amazing character he really is, and instead of always concentrating on his downsides, why not look at how incredible he is instead?

I love you Zak – you’re the light of my life x