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Home Celebration Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day Fervor 2021

Home Celebration Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day Fervor 2021

Contemporary culture has helped to bring a fun element to the forever popular and sacred festival of St. Patrick’s. Also, more fondly known as St. Paddy’s day, it is the time to bring all your greens out. It may seem like that this year, this drinking holiday may have to be spent indoors. Yet, it does not have to be boring. With the following ideas, you can bring in all the fun related to this wonderful festival inside your home.

Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

Home Decor
If celebrations are happening at home, then in that case the first thing to do is to make the house look festive. St. Patrick’s day calls for everything green in accordance with its Irish association. Therefore, make sure to grab all the things in this fresh colour. You can make four-leaf clover cutouts, a shadow box, a rainbow-coloured woollen wreath with a golden lucky leaf resting on the top, etc. Because it should feel like you are celebrating the festival with your friends and family members in equal measure as if you would have been outside, get creative. Get ornamental plants, leprechaun hats, the day sign, treat cups to ensure that the day indeed feels like anything less than the actual fun of the festival.

Cook Popular Irish Dishes
What is a festival without the signature food and drinks that come along with it? Like every other culture, the Irish one also comes with its signature recipes. Although you may think that there is a lot of cabbage, potatoes, and corned beef involved, we promise you that there are tons of other good stuff as well. Begin with a smushy side of mashed potatoes or crispy potato wedges. You can also add in the quintessential soda bread along with Irish stew and fried potato farls which are more like Potato scones. Increasing the delectable spread on the party table, feel free to add in steak and Irish Pie as well. Braised corned beef brisket is another option that you would like to experiment with.

When there is so much food, you have to be equally accommodating with the drinks and desserts too. You can think of Shamrock sugar cookies, lucky charms, Rice Krispies, the very traditional pot o’ gold cups, lucky charms eclairs, and many more. If you would like to go a more contemporary path down the road, then you can also experiment with fusion options like matcha pancakes, green velvet cake, grasshopper’s pie, etc. We promise you that you will find so many options that you will find it very difficult to select just a few.

To down all that food comfortably to make some more space, you need to have drinks. And on this special day, these concoctions also need to follow the colour code to be a part of the party. You can entrance your party guests with choices like Shamrocked Shooters, a special martini ‘Melontini’, Irish Fish Bowl (because why not?), and Irish Sour. With these hard drinks around, the celebrations will still be incomplete until you have the must-have Irish coffee with a splash of whiskey and a heavy dollop of freshly whipped cream. Pick the ones that you like and see the party coming to life.

Fun Activities for all the family members
Party games are a part of any family get-together, especially with a festival as joyous and fun as this one. You can gather everyone and divide them into small groups. As part of traditions, some of the special games are scavenger hunts, costume contests, reciting blessings, and doing crafts like making shamrock pins and wands, among several others. If you feel more sporty, you can even organize leprechaun traps, shamrock bingo, and have a rainbow coin toss.

Watching Irish Movies
Whether you have watched Irish movies in the past or not, this is the perfect opportunity to get started with it. Just like Home Alone is to Christmas, these movies are to this day. With green matcha popcorns, and hooded blankets get everyone ready to sit back and enjoy these St. Patrick Day flicks on your big screen. You can make a choice among Brooklyn, Leap Year, The Hole in The Ground, The Magical Legends of Leprechauns, Cavalry, and Grabbers to name just a few.

You spend the whole year dancing and grooving to popular tracks. This festival of traditions calls for Irish music which has welsh and Viking influence. Whether it is the tap style that you are going in for or just freestyle, the cheer cannot be considered complete without Irish jingling and dancing. The Irish style is primarily all about step techniques. Maybe, while just having some fun along, you will get to learn something new with all your loved ones doing the same.

Watching Parade Virtually
Of the many other fun activities which form an intrinsic part of this festival is the St. Paddy’s Day Parade. Since the past year and this one has been hit with the global pandemic, it will be futile to think that mass gatherings will be allowed. However, it does not mean that it has to be missed in its totality. You can still enjoy the festival virtually with your family and friends.

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