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What January Blues? 6 Fabulous Ways To Beat The Winter Blues.

What January Blues? 6 Fabulous Ways To Beat The Winter Blues.

Many people struggle in the new year because Christmas time is over and now there’s nothing large to look forward to (except going back to work, of course). The end of 2017 was pretty crap for me because I was jobless, and I lost a loved one to an awful battle with cancer. To be honest, 2018 was looking pretty bleak and for a long time the idea of the new year wasn’t something that appealed to me.

However, over the last few days I have had some good luck come my way and I’m now feeling super optimistic. I begin a new part time job on Friday, and I’ve also got my writing gig from Fat Joe which I really enjoy doing.

While the ending of last year is still hurting, I feel like things are about to turn themselves around. I’m feeling super motivated to become healthier this year, and I’m excited about my new job prospects. I’m also so lucky to have my family, friends, son and wonderful boyfriend to support me like they all have done so much over the last few months.

So if you’re feeling down in the dumps, here are some ways in which you can motivate yourself to help your luck change and get you feeling better as soon as possible!

  1. Change your diet; everyone pigs out over the festive period and it’s likely to have made you feeling sluggish. Eat healthier and drink more water and you will notice the difference faster than you think!
  2. Get more sleep. It’s easy to stay up late to catch up on programmes or watch movies that are played late at night. Adults need at least 8 hours of sleep a day, so try for 8 hours and notice how much better you feel!
  3. Take time for yourself. Over the festive period it’s likely that you’ve spent the majority of your time with family and friends and although this is lovely, it can become too much. Take some time for yourself and be sure to do this each week so that you can unwind and feel normal again.
  4. Try something new. The idea that there’s nothing to look forward to now the festive period is over can be very depressing for many people. Why not try something new so that you have that to look forward to? Push yourself to your limits and not only will you have a new hobby but you will feel tons better about yourself.
  5. Aim higher at work. Doing this will give you something else to concentrate on at work and also help you work towards a higher position and more money. Working hard won’t go unnoticed and you will feel super accomplished in the long run.
  6. Become organised at home. There’s nothing worse than coming home after a long day and facing mountains of housework to do. Set up a cleaning rota for you, your partner and your children so that you can keep on top of things. Another good idea would be to look into some storage solutions so that you can clear the clutter and keep your home looking great.

Try these six ideas in your life now and see how much better you feel. Remember that the only way is up, and even if things seem bad in your life at the moment they will get better!

Happy New Year, here’s to a great 2018!