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More Tips To Grow Your Pandemic Business

More Tips To Grow Your Pandemic Business

The pandemic has been a nerve-wracking experience for everyone. But, it’s also been a period of creativity, productivity, and inspiration for many individuals who have seized the opportunity to launch their first business. So, if you’ve started a side-hustle during the first or the second lockdown, you’ve probably been looking at ways to establish your professional presence


The first and most important step you need to take to turn your side hustle into a real business is to get the paperwork done. After all, a side hustle makes you a self-employed freelancer. But an ltd company suddenly makes you an entrepreneur at the head of a business. It also gives you access to commercial finance features and helps keep your taxes in order. 


Additionally, if you haven’t already, now’s the time to seek talent for your business and create a suitable website that can promote your brand. 

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Have you already done all that, and you are wondering how to bring your venture to the next level? Here are some more ideas to create a buzz!


Build partnerships with reliable suppliers

Finding the right suppliers and partners for your business can take time. However, a trust relationship with your suppliers can help you grow in no time. Reliable suppliers can guarantee access to high-quality materials and resources, which means you can meet your customers’ expectations. 

Additionally, suppliers are also instrumental in growing your business presence. For instance, working with an international supplier may seem daunting at first because you need to figure out how to transfer money and avoid crippling bank fees. But international suppliers can help establish your brand in a foreign market. 


Reach out to local influencers

It’s no wonder influencer marketing is so popular. According to studies, influencer marketing has a high ROI potential, achieving 11x the ROI of banner ads only. The reason behind this success is the community of followers that each influencer builds. The follower base feels that social media influencers often know better than peers and friends, which is why they follow influencers’ product recommendations. 

Local influencers provide a cost-effective service for a small business in a small location. You can find city or region influencers who can help your brand target a specific demographic. 

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Encourage your customers to spread the love

A satisfied customer is not systematically a returning customer. Why does it happen? There may be a variety of reasons. More often than not, people can get forgetful. So next time they need a similar product, they may not remember where they bought it. That’s precisely where customer offers and incentives can help keep your brand alive in their mind. For instance, you could send existing customers a discount for their next order to encourage returning clients. 


You can also encourage them to promote your products, offering a discount for each of their friends who buy from the brand. Incentives are highly effective to turn satisfied customers into brand advocates, either to drive positive reviews or product promotion. Contrary to common belief, people are more likely to leave a negative review than a positive one because they feel it is a hassle. Therefore, incentivising reviews and testimonials can boost your reputation. 


Are you ready to reach out to a broader audience? Whether you work with influencers, customers or international suppliers, the easiest way to promote your brand is to let others do it for you!