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Psoriasis Doesn’t Define Who I Am

Psoriasis Doesn’t Define Who I Am

For over ten years now, I’ve suffered with psoriasis on my elbows, knees, and scalp. Since having my boy and gaining weight, many more patches have come up, right to the point where it hurts to stretch sometimes!

I recently had an encounter with an extremely ignorant bitch who had the audacity to come and ask me what the hell was wrong with my legs. We’ve all been enjoying the summer heat right? Well, that day I told myself that nobody cares what your skin looks like. Nobody is even going to be looking at your legs (which were then covered in tiny and large patches). I took the plunge and wore shorts out for the first time in around 7 years. I’ve always been self conscious about the way my skin looks and also the way people are going to react.

So thank you, to the girl who so ignorantly spoke to me like I was some sort of contagious piece of shit. Thank you for initially making me feel like I didn’t deserve to feel cool in this summer heat . but most of all, thank you for making me realise that I actually don’t care what you think. Do YOU want to see what it feels like for even one day? Because it’s not just an appearance related disease either. It affects my skin both appearance and physically, and the pain doesn’t always stop there either. That’s one thing that people don’t realise. Once you get past the appearance of psoriasis, there’s so much more to deal with and it’s actually very sad to think that it’s not just me who has to deal with it either.

While I’m still trying my best to get rid of my psoriasis, it’s now no longer because I’m worried about what other people might think. It’s now for me, for my health, for that relief from constant itching, for no more joint pain, for no more expensive creams and potions. Thanks to my recent realisation, I’ve been wearing shorts much more often and exposing my skin and guess what? It’s beginning to clear up!

Quite frankly, if you don’t like the way it looks, then you can sit and swivel. I no longer care what you think, and psoriasis no longer defines who I am.

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