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Remove The Clutter From Your Home With These Five Steps

Remove The Clutter From Your Home With These Five Steps

When was the last time you decluttered your home? If it’s been a while, it might be time for a nice clear out. Removing the clutter helps us to create a more homely space and to keep things green. To help you tackle these chores, consider these five simple steps.


1 . Tackle One Room At A Time

When you are decluttering your home, it’s best to tackle one room at a time. Attempting multiple decluttering tasks will make you feel overwhelmed, (and creates a huge mess)! Start with one room, and then one part of that room, (for example, one drawer). Take everything out of that drawer and arrange it into three piles. These piles should represent:

  • Items you want to keep.
  • Items you’d like to put into storage.
  • Things to dispose of (selling, recycling, or donating).

2. Establish Rules For Your Items

Decluttering is about getting rid of the excess, but many of us find it hard to throw things away. Before you start it can be helpful to set a few ground rules to help you. Your rules will depend on your goals, but here are a few general ones to think about.

1. I’m going to throw away anything I haven’t used for one year (unless it has sentimental value).

2. I’m going to throw away anything I don’t need anymore.

3. I will get rid of anything that I wouldn’t miss if it got lost/broken.

4. I’m going to dispose of anything that does not bring value to my life/home.

3. Use Apps To Help You

If you’re not a decluttering queen, never fear! There are so many apps that can help to get you on the right track.

  • Get Rid Of It: The GRT app encourages users to dispose of any items that are not adding value. The concept is that you throw away as much as you can over 30 days. All you have to do is follow the challenges, and you’ll be on your way!
  • Clutterfree: With the Clutterfree app you can create a plan to ditch the clutter for good. The application helps you to record your progress, complete chores, and find inspiration.
  • Letgo: This is an online marketplace where you can sell your unwanted items and make some money. There are lots of categories to sell your items in, including homeware, toys, games, clothes, and more.

4. Change Your Habits 

Once you’ve got the clutter out of your life, you don’t want it building up again! The only way to stay clutter-free is to change your habits. When you go shopping, try to be mindful, thinking very carefully about everything that you buy. When approaching a new purchase, ask yourself questions. For example, how much do you need this item? Do you have something similar at home? Is this item within your budget? How often will you use it? Questions like these will help you to make better-informed purchasing decisions.

5. Consider Skip Hire

Perhaps you’re having renovation work done on your home? Or you have lots of bulky and awkward items to get rid of? In this case, you might benefit from a skip hire service. To dispose of a large amount of waste, a skip is a great solution. Ensure that you choose a service that sustainably disposes of your waste, to keep things green.

Once you’ve banished the clutter from your life, you’ll create a healthier home.

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