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5 Ways Retailers Can Protect Their Employees and Their Store

5 Ways Retailers Can Protect Their Employees and Their Store

Increasing security in your retail business is never a bad thing. These days physical security can offer your employees and customers added peace of mind, especially in an industry such as retail, where employees can encounter a wide range of people and run the gauntlet of the best and the worst of working with the public.

So what are the best ways to help your employees feel safer and secure at work?

Door Locks

First things first, you need to ensure all private access areas have appropriate door locks. This is to ensure employees have safe spaces to retreat from customers and/or for managers to get some work done away from the hubbub of the shop floor for essential tasks such as banking. From using biometrics to lock doors, having a Door maglock for card entry or pin entry and the simple key-locked options, there are many different choices for you to find the right solution for your retail premises.

Security Screens

Some retail sectors can come with a higher risk to employees; from working in banks with high volumes of cash, working with alcohol on off licences or retailing expensive products such as tech, retailers must be aware of all the threats to products and staff this is where security screens can be beneficial. It gives employees an added layer of safety when carrying out their job role and keeps them separated from customers. You can also use these screens at the close of some or all of your inventory to reduce theft and damages where applicable too.


Having adequate lighting in your store is vital. Not only do you need to pay attention to how you enhance the feel of your store with lighting, but you also need to ensure staff can work in a well-lit space so they can clearly see what is going on and identify risks or threats easily without them being covered in darkness. This also applies to external areas too, especially if you are open later into the night.

Video Surveillance

There’s no denying that the retail industry can suffer monumental losses from store thefts and damages. Installing video surveillance equipment can help you identify ongoing losses from theft and assist with prosecuting theft or damage from customers or even employees if this becomes an issue you must deal with.


Physical Security Guards

Lastly, a physical security presence can be a massive deterrent for would-be thieves entering your premises. Having security guards on the door or patrolling the store, you can keep a closer eye on what is happening and identify any threats and concerns. Equip your security team and your employees on the best practices for apprehending troublemakers or shoplifters and ensure everyone knows what is expected should a situation arise. This can ensure everyone working is kept safe and secure and has more protection when working.


Security in retail is something all business owners need to be focussing on. You need to ensure that you are protecting your employees, your inventory and your store itself from any threats posed to it.

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