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You Need More Than A Site To Conquer The Online World

You Need More Than A Site To Conquer The Online World

Getting your business up and online is vital. However, too often, business owners will build a website and focus on marketing that website. While it is vital to have one, there are so many more ways that you can engage with your online customers that it can be a waste to not at least consider them. Here are a few of your options.

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Social media

Just like every business should have a website, every business should utilise social media. There are very, very few exceptions to this rule. There are as many people engaging online through social media platforms as there are people using the world wide web. Social media channels are easy to set up, but difficult to keep running, so you need to schedule social media time and use management tools to write posts ahead of time, or you can always work with a social media manager to do it for you.


The kind of content that you put out there matters. Written content has its place but if it’s all that you’re relying on, then you can find it hard to engage people, especially those on mobile platforms. Creating mobile vlogs allows you to get a more direct and engaging connection with your audience. It’s also a good way to get your business on platforms like YouTube, which are some of the most widely trafficked on the net.


Most businesses can benefit from an app. Whether it’s an app that allows people to learn more about your business and engage directly with customer support or it allows them to directly order goods and services. If you need a company to develop an app, make sure that you choose one that has experience in your industry. That way, you can better tailor the kind of experience that your customers have when they interact with your business online.


There are few people who move online that don’t have an email account. Getting them to sign up for emails from you can be an excellent way to make sure that you can directly reach out. Email management tools make it a lot easier to build emails from scratch but you have to make sure you’re using that connection well, whether it’s using it to notify them of deals or purchases, to deliver content specific to their needs, or otherwise.

Third-party listings

You might think that you don’t have much control over how your site is represented by third parties online, but that’s not true. You can submit your business to directory listings to make sure that those looking directly for those kinds of businesses are more likely to find you. What’s more, you can ask and encourage happy customers to leave reviews through Google, Yelp, and some of the other most commonly used sites.

Not all of the options above are going to work for every business. You need to consider your audience and what kind of content or experience they’re most likely to engage with. These are only some of the examples worth considering.