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Solar Panels for Houses: Can My Home Support Them?

Solar Panels for Houses: Can My Home Support Them?

In 2019 the United States surpassed the 2 million mark for total home solar installations. If you’re noticing solar panels for houses or businesses sprouting up on roofs around your town, you may have questions.

One of the most pressing is if your house can support them. Another might be: how do solar panels work on a house? This guide will tell you all you need to know when it comes to deciding if your home can support solar panels.

How Many Solar Panels to Power a House?

The answer to this question all depends on your electricity usage. You need to measure the total kilowatts of electricity your household consumes daily.

You also need to know the monthly and seasonal totals as well. The amount of power you consume can fluctuate with the seasons.

If you live in a cold climate for part of the year you will be using a ton of energy to heat your house.

The same is true for hot climates in the summer that require a lot of air conditioning to moderate your home’s interior temperature.

Get daily, monthly, seasonal and yearly totals of your energy usage. This will allow a solar energy installation company to make estimates about how many solar panels you will need.

If you still have questions about how many solar panels your home may need, consult this guide.

Solar Panels for Houses Past Their Prime

If your home is older, there are a few things you should consider before moving into the final stages of an installation consultation. The first is that you need to get your roof inspected.

While a modern solar panel system for houses is more lightweight than its predecessors, your roof still needs to be structurally sound. If not, the added weight of the solar system may collapse your roof.

In addition, your dated home should possess all necessary equipment to connect to a power grid. To make sure that your old home is suitable for solar panel installation, have Blue Raven Solar come by and make an inspection. 

In addition to dated homes, tiny homes also need to be examined closely by a professional to ensure that they can support the weight of a solar system.

Solar panels for tiny houses are generally the same size and weight as those for their larger cousins. That said, you can install a smaller array with fewer panels that weighs less than a conventional one.

Other Factors to Consider

Your home needs to get ample sunlight to reap the full benefits of solar panels. If you live in a shaded area, you may need to cut down some trees and vegetation.

Some places are not suitable for solar due to having too much shade coverage. Solar panels also require regular maintenance and repair costs.

You should be budgeting solar panels for house costs such as roof repairs and replacing siding. If solar upkeep can fit into your overall house maintenance budget, they won’t be a burden on your finances, and you can support them.

Most Homes Can Support Solar

Solar panels for houses aren’t that heavy, and most homes can support them. That said, you should always get a roof inspection before an installation to avoid making a costly misjudgment.

Get your home inspected today to make sure that it is capable of supporting a photovoltaic solar system. If it is, get one installed and start saving the planet! For all your other pressing news and info, check back with our page.