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Things To Consider While Shopping For Rugs!

Things To Consider While Shopping For Rugs!

Choosing the right rug for your place can be overwhelming, especially when you have to fiddle through hundreds of available options. However, with certain things into consideration, you can make the decision more easily. And this article shall share some suggestions for the same.

Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

Size matters

When it comes to rugs, the one common question everyone asks is what size is perfect. Most people wonder how big is too big when it comes to selecting the perfect rug for their house, but perhaps the question should be turned to its head. People now should start asking what size rug is too small for my space! 

The thumb rule for getting the perfect size of the rug is that all your furniture should comfortably be placed on it. That means if you have a sofa, coffee table, occasional chairs, and side tables, all of these objects should be adequately placed on the carpet. And in the instance of a chair or sofa, at least the front legs of this furniture should sit comfortably on the rug. That means you have a room defining carpet that brings all of the disparate elements in the room together. 

This is an appropriate approach if you have ample, open-plan space. You can also separate one space into two, by creating a separate visual area for each by simply laying down a rug under the living space, or even in the dining area.

Pro Tip: The carpet’s right size for your room should be rough 1m or 1.2m wider than your sofa and have a proportionate length. For instance, if you have a 2m sofa, then getting a 3.2m rug will be the perfect size rug for your room. Though the size isn’t the only thing that you should consider when choosing the ideal carpet for your home. 

Texture, pattern, and color are also important

When considering the texture of the rug, think about who lives in the house and what the carpet might be exposed to. As stated on http://www.samad.com/, If you have small children or dogs, then getting a plush pile or a flat weave will be the best choice because they are easy to clean as compared to chunky knotted weave carpets. You can also opt for flat rugs, they are also easy to clean using a vacuum cleaner on a daily basis.

But if you have older children, no pets, and a predictably clean living, then going for a chunky weave carpet, they’ll feel luxurious under your feet. 

Color Choice could be subjective.

Color choices are like music choice, where genres aren’t right or wrong, but a reflection of personal taste and experience. When it comes to color choices, you need to please yourself and a rug is a perfect place to bring some color to your space. You can also use a carpet as an artwork on the floor, standing apart from your other furnishing choices. But be careful not to match the colors of your rug with your furniture too perfectly.

Final Words

Whatever your choice, think about your carpet as the building blocks from which you’ll create your home decoration. Use rugs to create interest and also to give your furniture a solid base to sit and be bold with your choices!