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Tools To Help You Fight Anxiety Daily

Tools To Help You Fight Anxiety Daily

Anxiety can be a many-headed beast, representing in different ways at different tries. As such, it’s important that you have a variety of methods to try and fight it back, rather than only one trick to rely on. Making healthy changes, such as improving your diet and exercise can help, but here we’re going to look at some of the tools you can use in the moment, at any moment that anxiety strikes.

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A dose of mindfulness

Meditation has been used as a means to fight anxiety for quite some time, and few types of meditation are as effective as mindfulness meditation. You don’t need all day, just a 30 minute period in a space where you’re free from distraction with the help of the right guided meditation app can help. Aside from taking the time to take a break to yourself, you can learn to become more aware of your mind’s own reactions and processes, which can help you better understand the triggers of your anxiety.

A change in the air

Whilst the concrete changes that essential oils make to your health are still a matter of debate, it is a matter of record that, statistically, users find them effective. As such, there are a variety of ways to use them, whether you put a dab on your skin to breathe in when you need it, have them diffuse throughout the room, put a few drops on your pillow, or even in your bath. Lavender, rose, and ylang-ylang oils are some of the most widely recommended when it comes to helping you calm down.

Breathe in

Often mistaken for THC, the psychoactive part of cannabis, CBD is not going to get you high. It is legal and safe to use, and many people find it can help them calm down when in moments of high-stress. Even the act of breathing in and breathing out using a CBD vape can help promote a more relaxed state. What’s more, it can help reduce inflammation, which is often part of the body’s physical response to stress (and quite sore in its own right.)

Get your hands busy

A lot of people feel like they have too much frantic energy when they’re experiencing a bout of anxiety, and it can feel like the nerves in your arms and hands are way too alive. To that end, you should look at some of the stress toys that you can reach for in those moments. Working out that energy and the moment of distraction can be very effective.

Good gut health can help

It might seem like it’s promoted as the solution to everything, from digestion to skincare. However, promoting gut health with the help of probiotics has seen some scientific evidence ot suggest that it can improve mental health. As such, it may be worth trying out, at the very least.

Anxiety can be tricky to manage, and you shouldn’t rely on just one method of ‘beating it’. Instead, try the approach of trialing out various strategies as mentioned above, and see which of them stick.