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Top Business Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Top Business Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Just like trends in fashion, business is also subject to constant new developments which shape the way we operate. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, if you don’t keep up the curve, it’s easy to get left behind, as customers have the choice of a wide marketplace. Of course, you will encounter industry specific trends, but their are also plenty of far-reaching ‘macro trends’ which affect all businesses, no matter what product or service you promote.

Absolute Authenticity

We live in a climate where people are becoming hypersensitive to fakery. Deception in politics, big business and the media has led to an enormous backlash, as we search desperately for something which feels true. Authenticity has become a key brand value and anything less than absolute transparency doesn’t sit well with today’s consumers. Furthermore, the effect of this quest for the real is

amplified by the reach and power of social media. Once a brand or an individual is suspected of being anything less than genuine, that quickly spreads online, and the tarnish can be extremely hard to remove. Making sure your business knows what it’s vision and values are, and is constantly interrogating itself to be sure these are honoured in every business decision starts from the top down.

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All In Technology

The more that cutting edge solutions in manufacturing and technology applications break through, the more consumers rapidly expect them as standard. Investing in new technology can become a point of difference for your business, ensuring you have something different to offer customers. Find suppliers who can work with your to create bespoke solutions which answer the needs of your clients better – from firms like Mills CNC who can offer machinery to companies who develop custom apps. Always ask yourself what value is being added to the end user, to ensure that your technological investments stay on the right track. New tech solutions are also vital for behind the scenes operations, from keeping your office in order to chasing invoices and ordering stock. There’s barely an area of working practice that you can’t improve if you find the right solutions.

Having A Social Conscience

It’s no longer enough to be in business purely for profit – today people expect corporate social responsibility – a sense of caring about the impact your business has on the planet, or giving back to the communities around you. The latest Earned Brand report confirmed that a huge two thirds of consumers want the businesses they deal with to take an ethical stance on pressing social issues, and they are very good at seeing through ‘greenwashing’. So take a stand on something, and make it a cause that has a good connection to what you do. No business is an island, but instead we are all part of a community closely interwoven with other groups in our areas. Take this approach and not only will your business develop but you can also use your platform to put some good into the world – whether it’s reducing plastics use in manufacturing or working with local schools.