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Top Tips To Earn Money On Your Blog

Top Tips To Earn Money On Your Blog

The blogging and video blogging industry are enormous, and it seems more of us are hopping on the bandwagon and creating a blog or YouTube channel. Both of these social media platforms have become money makers for those who’ve persisted, stuck at it and are now in full-time careers. So how do you make money on your blog? Here are some top tips to help you earn money through blogging.

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Attract An Audience

Growing your audience is what makes PR and marketing companies take an interest in your blog, especially if they have a client with a target audience that your blog reaches. Whether you’re brand new to blogging or have been doing it a while, it’s always important to keep bringing traffic to your website. It’ll help you stay relevant, tailor your content to your readers and bring in those all-important sponsored opportunities.


Track Your Income

You never know, you could end up running a blogging empire, at which point you can use companies like https://www.qdosaccounting.com/salary-dividends-strategy/ to help with taxes. Make sure when you are earning money, to keep track of all the sponsored work you do so you can pay what’s owed accordingly.


Be Part Of The Blogging Community

The blogging community is huge, but it’s also very welcoming when you first start blogging. The bloggers you interact with are all at different stages of blogging whether that’s merely doing it as a hobby or earning an income full-time. There’s a lot you can learn from networking with bloggers as they may also have the contacts and experience working on sponsored content.


Look for ways of joining these groups through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Simply searching blogger groups will bring up a whole heap of options.


Join FB Groups

And on the subject of groups, Facebook has a number of groups dedicated to posting blog advice and opportunities. Some of the most popular being UK Bloggers United, which nearly 7,000 members. You’ll also find blogger outreach popping up every now and again so this a great way to form new connections and partnerships for sponsored work.


Use Hashtags To Search For Work

Hashtags on Twitter can be useful for finding work especially as this is the preferred way for marketing companies and those who work with bloggers, to advertise sponsored work. Simply search for #bloggersrequired #bloggerswanted to pull up all of the relevant tweets with that hashtag.


A word of warning though, some bloggers tend to use the hashtag to promote their own blogs which can often clog up the feed so be prepared to spend a little time each day, working through the noise.


Find Companies Doing Blogger Outreach

It’s been mentioned already, but a simple search on google can pull up plenty of companies that do blogger outreach. It’s advisable to regularly look out for these opportunities as they’ll rarely present them to yourself without the legwork.


Whether it’s every month or every week, search ‘blogger outreach’ and get in touch with any new companies that you’ve not spoken to before and ask them if they are looking for bloggers. Even if they just add you to their database, it means you are on their radar.


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