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Understanding Why Transparent Aligners Such As Invisalign Might Be For You

Understanding Why Transparent Aligners Such As Invisalign Might Be For You

A realignment treatment that can be carried out at home around your daily life.

When looking to realign a crooked smile, one of the biggest considerations that comes into play is how much time out of your daily life will be impacted by the treatment. This is why Invisalign Maidstone works perfectly for the busy individual. This simple and effective treatment is mainly carried out by yourself at home enabling you to continue on with life with little interruption. 

Your suitability?

Once you have begun to consider the possibility of realigning your teeth you will most likely begin researching online and eventually discuss your options with your dental team. Once the options have been narrowed down you will be invited to attend a consultation which is where scans, photographs and a physical examination will take place alongside a friendly but important chat regarding the treatment plan and whether or not you are eligible for this particular realignment treatment.

For those who are eligible a 3D plan will be created and shown to you so that you can visibly see the potential smile you could achieve should you follow the plan correctly. The scans are then used to create a series of tailor-made aligners which are to be used throughout various stages of your realignment process.

If you are not yet eligible, alternative orthodontic options will be discussed and in some cases it may be that you can switch part the way through to the transparent aligners.  

Starting out

Within a couple of weeks of the consultation you will be invited back to the dental practice to receive your aligners and your instructions on how to proceed with the treatment. Once this has taken place you can begin your dental journey to a straighter smile

Whilst you will be provided with a couple of sets of aligners during this appointment, each set is designed to gradually realign the teeth into a particular position and then you move onto the next set. This allows the realignment to gradually occur over a period of around 6 to 18 months, depending entirely on your own alignment issues. Although the treatment is carried out predominantly by you at home, dental checks need to take place every 4 to 6 weeks so as to ensure that the aligners are working efficiently and that you are following the recommended plan. 

The final result

Once the treatment plan has been completed and you and your dental team are happy with the end result a final overall check will be made of your teeth, to ensure that they are healthy. A final retainer will then be created which is to be worn ongoing so as to maintain the new positioning of the teeth. Once teeth have been repositioned, in time, they can begin to shift back to their original positioning which is why the final retainer is created.

The benefits of this particular orthodontic treatment

WIth today’s society being very focussed on the cosmetic appearance of things, it is no wonder that the dentistry world has had to adjust, so as to provide treatments which are cosmetically appealing as well as efficient in their job.  These clear aligners therefore blend into the natural colouring of the teeth, allowing patients to smile confidently without noticeable appliances within and around the mouth.

Alongside the cosmetically appealing aspect of the aligners is the period of time in which the process takes place. With a straightened smile being only 6 to 18 months away, it does not take long to start being proud of your appearance.