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Use Your Garden For Stress Relief

Use Your Garden For Stress Relief

Spending time outside is known to be a good way to lower your stress levels. Your garden can be turned into your own slice of paradise to retreat to when you need to relax. If your garden is currently adding to your stress instead of easing it, then you can make things more calming with these easy ideas. 

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Make A Secluded Nook

You don’t need to have a big garden to make a space that is relaxing for you to spend time in. A secluded nook in the garden is the perfect place to get some time on your own to unwind. Separate an area using fence panels, trellis, pergolas, or tall plants to create some privacy. Use high-end garden design to create a beautiful, calm space. Climbing plants on fences or trellis create a natural wall that is beautiful to look at and a good way to give you privacy from the neighbours. 

Plant Fragrant Plants

Aromatherapy is a very popular tool for relaxation, and a lot of people already make use of scented candles to relax inside their homes. You can also add soothing scents into the garden to relax you with some fragrant plants. Create beds of beautifully scented flowers near where you usually sit, such as lavender, with scents that you find relaxing without being too strong. 

Add Some Comfortable Seating

If you’re going to find your garden soothing, then you need somewhere comfortable to sit. Put out a few comfortable seats so you can unwind. The best choices for outdoor seating are waterproof and easy to clean, so they will last a long time even if you keep them outside. If you’re DIY savvy you might even choose to visit a garden centre like Alton Garden Centre to pick up the materials you need to build your own seating!

Add some outdoor cushions for some extra places to sit if you’d like to use the garden for entertaining friends of family.

Buy Wind Chimes

Hang a few wind chimes near the seating areas in your garden to add to the atmosphere of calm. Bamboo and metal wind chimes can make very relaxing sounds and will hold up well to being exposed to the weather all the time. Hang a few sets for a combination of relaxing sounds. 

Build A Water Feature

Water is very relaxing. A small pond or a water feature could be a great choice for your garden. A lot of people find the noise of running water makes them feel a lot calmer. The sound of water can also help to reduce distraction from other sounds. This could be perfect if you live near a busy, or if you have neighbours with a noisy dog or a love of power tools. The water can disguise these sounds that might be making your garden less relaxing to be in. 

Choose Something Spiritual

If you’re a spiritual person, you could add something like small statues of figures that you find comforting into your garden. This could be something like a Buddha statue, statues of angels, or perhaps a meaningful quote engraved on a plaque. Give yourself something to focus on while you’re using the garden to destress.  

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