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What Are The Different Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry?

What Are The Different Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry?

If you are wanting to improve the look of your smile, then cosmetic dentistry can help with this, and there are a few different types depending on your wants and needs. Some cosmetic treatments can not only help with the physical appearance of your teeth but your oral health as well. It can really help to improve your self-esteem when you get cosmetic dental treatments, as they can give you a brighter and/or straighter smile. 

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This cosmetic treatment is a great option if you are looking for a straighter smile. Simply put, veneers are a thin, tooth-shaped piece of porcelain that is attached to the front of your tooth to improve its appearance. Your dentist Dublin can adjust the shape, size and colour of the veneers so that they match your other teeth as best as possible. Even if you only want to improve the look of one tooth, you can do this with a single veneer. You can also choose to have a full set, including both your top and bottom row of teeth, which can totally transform your look. 

If you decide that you want to get veneers, your dentist in Dublin will have a consultation with you to examine your teeth and take scans, which will influence the creation of your veneers. Whilst your permanent veneers are being created, you can usually choose to have temporary ones attached so that you can get a good idea of what your permanent ones will look like, and adjustments can be noted if needed. You will then go back to your dental practice for your permanent veneers to be attached, which is usually done by using dental cement and a bright beam of light to harden them. Your veneers can last up to 25 years with the right care, which is such a great result! 

Teeth whitening

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Sometimes, discolouration can occur in your teeth, even if you take good care of them. This can be caused by eating or drinking certain food/drinks such as coffee, high sugar foods, and red wines. Teeth whitening can be a great option if you are looking to revamp your smile without any heavy surgeries. 

There are a few different types of options when it comes to whitening your teeth, and it will vary depending on the Dublin dentist that you choose to go to. But generally, you will have an in-practice option and an at-home teeth whitening kit option. If you decide to get your teeth whitened in a dental practice, they will usually use a bleaching gel and sometimes a UV light to brighten your smile. If you decide you want to do it at home, your dental practice can provide you with a home teeth whitening kit that you can do yourself. These kits will consist of a custom-made moulded tray in which you will put bleaching gel and place it on your teeth. The amount of time you have to spend with it on your teeth varies depending on the severity of your case. You may only need to do short 30 minute sessions daily, or you may need to wear it all night for a couple of weeks, it totally depends on your needs.

All dental treatments can carry risks, and it is important to make sure you always get a second opinion from a medical professional.