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Why Buy A Car When You Could Buy A Van?

Why Buy A Car When You Could Buy A Van?

Do you think that it’s time you replaced your current car? That’s probably not a bad idea if you’ve had your current one for a few years already. If you bought it second hand then it’s probably had a very long life indeed!

But before you start shopping for your next car, I’ve got a great suggestion for you – why not buy a van? You might think that vans are only suitable for workmen and handymen who need to carry a lot of tools and materials around with them all day, but that really isn’t the case. In fact, I know a lot of families who love all the benefits that come with driving a van. Read on, and you might just be persuaded to buy one yourself!

It’s The Economic Choice

You might think that buying a big van would be a lot more expensive than purchasing a car, but you’d be wrong. Sure, buying the van itself could be slightly more pricey if you buy brand new. However, there are lots of great deals on second-hand vans these days. The costs you incur after purchases are usually cheaper too. You should find that the best van insurance often works out cheaper than insuring a car. Not only that, though, but van engines are often a lot more economical so you don’t have to worry about wasting money on filling up the tank all the time.

Insuring your van isn’t going to be as expensive as you might think either, especially if you’re planning on using your van to store tools and equipment. You can get specialist insurance for your van that covers its contents as well as the van itself. Take a look at a van insurance quote to see how much you can expect to pay.


You Can Convert It For Trips

Do you and your family go for weekends away and short staycations quite often? Well, have I got good news for you! Vans can be very easily converted into camper vans, so you should be able to equip yours with a bed and small kitchen units. This will mean that your trips will instantly become cheaper as you won’t have to pay for accommodation anymore. You might have to pay a small charge to park the van overnight in a campsite or other suitable location, but this should be very minimal.

They Offer A Better Driving Position

The driving seat in a van is a lot higher than the seats in a car. This can be advantageous for the driver as it offers them a better view of the road and their surrounding environment. As they are up high, they will be able to see a lot further into the distance so will get more warning of oncoming hazards in the road.

They Are Super Comfy

Many car makers boast that their vehicles are extremely comfortable. However, there is no vehicle out there that is quite as comfy as a van. It makes sense if you think about it, as vans have been designed for people to drive all day long. So, you’ll find a lot of comfort features in a van that you might not necessarily get in a new car.

Hopefully, the list of positive reasons for buying a van will have changed your perception of vehicles for good. Why buy a car when you can have a van?!