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Why Supporting Charity Is Good For Business

Why Supporting Charity Is Good For Business

Millennials are hugely interested in their social responsibility and ethical issues. The same can be said for their decision-making process when it comes to the businesses they engage with. If you are sustainable or work with a charity, then the chances are that you will be more appealing to the younger demographic. For more emotive reasons, giving something back to the community in which you live can make you feel good and can help your reputation exceed that of your already well-established industry rivals. Check out why supporting a charity is good for your business.

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Public Relations

In a cynical sense, supporting a good cause is great for your PR. Being visible and consciously throwing your support behind the local campaign to raise funds for the local school roof that blew off in a storm, you are seen as a more caring startup. Too many businesses are seen as ruthless and heartless. You don’t want this to be at the core of your ethos. Instead, you need to be proactive in shaping the core of your company by throwing your support behind a charity. This could be something close to your heart or it could be something local to engage the community in which you live.

You could choose to put on events like charity auctions or sponsored cycle rides. A summer charity auction is a great way to get the community together. Make it free, get people involved and have the local newspaper cover the story. Head to https://www.expocart.com/gb/buy/outdoor-displays to check out their outdoor displays and get out your gavel. This can be great fun and shows your company off in a refreshing light.

Employee Motivation

You can use a good cause to motivate your staff team. If you run an employee of the month scheme like those at https://www.snacknation.com/blog/employee-of-the-month-program/, you can allow the individual that wins this accolade to choose the charity that you will donate a proportion of profits to that month. This can engage and focus your staff and make them more productive. You may even be able to attract the brightest minds with your charity clout. Many younger job seekers no longer see their wage as the be all and end all of choosing their next position. They actively seek out companies that support charities, that go the extra mile and that put well being at the centre of their decision making. Put that you support local communities in your job advert and see if the number of applications that you receive increases.

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Just Because…

Supporting a charity doesn’t have to mean a massive benefit to your business. So long as it isn’t harming your startup, why wouldn’t you support your local community. To help raise funds for a local youth club or to help raise money to install a traffic calming measure can improve community relations. Inadvertently, your standing within the local community will be enhanced and may drive up sales, but this needn’t be your motivation. You might just want to do something good from your position of privilege.

Supporting a charity is good for business so support your local community and enhance the reputation of your startup.

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