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Why Your Business Should Consider Surveillance

Why Your Business Should Consider Surveillance

Implementing surveillance at your place of work is always a controversial decision. In the west, we have a tradition of privacy – the idea that somebody should be able to conduct their personal affairs in whatever way they like, so long as they don’t harm anyone else.

But today we live in a world in which devices with cameras, microphones and an internet connection permeate every aspect of our lives. You can’t even go to the bathroom without carrying your smartphone with you. 

Businesses, however, are increasingly finding that implementing surveillance measures actually helps them in the long-term. While many executives are reluctant to do it, it is something necessary to protect themselves. 

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Remember, we’re not talking about gross violations of privacy here. We are not recommending that companies hack employees’ computers to see what they spend their free time doing (as some firms have done). We’re talking about the type of surveillance that protects your company’s assets and brand. 

Are you considering surveillance? Here’s why you should implement it today. 

Reduce The Likelihood Of Theft

Estimates suggest that there are more than 275 million incidents of business theft globally per year. For this reason, more and more executives are seeking the expertise of CCTV installation companies – people who understand how to deter and catch criminals trying to undermine your business.

Unfortunately, while theft is prevalent, the chances of being caught are still surprisingly low. This fact makes monitoring your premises even more critical. While it might feel like Big Brother is watching you, it is often an essential step to keep employees safe and to protect stock. 

Improve Productivity

Adding surveillance to your organisation can have knock-on effects on productivity too. Currently, a vast chunk of managers spends a lot of time monitoring employees to make sure that they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing. But firms that introduce monitoring often find that it frees up managerial time, allowing them to get on with higher-value tasks. The mere threat of surveillance appears to get employees to spend more time on the job and less on Angry Birds or Facebook. 

Reduce Sexual Harassment Issues

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a significant issue for firms. Not only does it discourage certain people from wanting to join your firm, but it also takes a long time to sort out. Plus, you are sometimes forced to dismiss workers who are otherwise a productive asset for your company. 

CCTV and other forms of monitoring help to reduce sexual harassment. If somebody knows that you’re monitoring them at work, they’re far less likely to do anything that goes against company policy. 

Reduced Incidents Of Violence

Believe it or not, workplace violence is a genuine issue today in many businesses, with colleagues physically attacking each other, sometimes over minor infractions. Here again, surveillance can help you keep the peace and avoid costly disciplinary and legal action that could undermine the brand of your firm. 

So if you’re wondering whether your business should consider surveillance, the answer is undoubtedly “yes.”