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30 Tried and Proven Gift Ideas to Surprise a Relative

30 Tried and Proven Gift Ideas to Surprise a Relative

30 Tried and Proven Gift Ideas to Surprise a Relative

Everyone loves getting unexpected gifts, whether it’s during the holiday season, on a birthday, or just as a pleasant surprise. Buying gifts for relatives can be tough, though. Everyone’s tastes are different, and what might seem like a tasteful gift to one person would be outlandish and impractical to another. When in doubt, go for one of the tried and proven ideas listed below.

Photo by Katerina Holmes from Pexels

1. Tasteful Flower Bouquets

There’s never a wrong time to give a mother, sister, aunt, or another female relative a bouquet. For truly special occasions, a Rose bouquet will be sure to wow any woman.

2. Unique Coffee Table Books

Buying books is a challenge since most people don’t know what their relatives have already read, or even what they might like to read. Coffee table books provide a perfect solution. They’re cute, affordable, and highly visible, so it’s easy to tell if someone already has a copy.

3. Tasty Chocolates

Who doesn’t love unwrapping a box of fancy chocolates and digging in? Unless the relative has food allergies or a particularly restrictive diet, chocolate is always a safe bet.

4. Family Games

There are few things better than family game nights. Those who are close enough to their relatives to know what’s already in their game collection can help them expand it by gifting fun new games to liven up get-togethers.

5. Wall Art

Art lovers will really appreciate an original painting or drawing. For those on a budget, a well-chosen print will also make a thoughtful gift.

6. Magazine Subscriptions

A magazine subscription is a gift that keeps on giving for up to a year. There are so many options available that it’s easy to find one to fit the recipient’s interests or tastes.

7. Cell Phone Cases

These days, just about everyone has a smartphone. A smartphone case that suits the gift recipient’s personality can make an excellent personalized gift.

8. Throw Blankets

Have a female relative who prides herself on keeping a beautiful, comfortable home? A throw blanket that matches the decor will show that the gift giver pays enough attention to appreciate it.

9. Button-Down Shirts

For men and tomboys, a creatively patterned button-down shirt can make a great gift. Just keep in mind that the pattern should complement his (or her) general wardrobe choices.

10. Custom Photos

Not everyone loves fine art, but who wouldn’t like to receive a framed print of one of his or her best Instagram pictures? While Instagram may be new, celebrating relatives’ artistic skills is a time-honored tradition.

11. Knitted Sweaters

Receiving knitted sweaters as gifts in childhood and hiding them in the bottom of the drawer is like a coming-of-age tradition. The good news is, they’re back in style, so it’s a tradition that’s worth revisiting for adult relatives.

12. Colorful Socks

Just like knitted sweaters, socks are one of the most feared gifts among children. That said, creative adults love showing off their personalities with colorful socks, and they make perfect gifts.

13. Coffee Mugs

There’s no such thing as too many mugs for a true coffee lover. For those who are all about getting their mornings off to the right start, go for an extra-large mug.

14. A MasterClass Subscription

Learning is a lifelong pursuit and doesn’t require spending tens of thousands of dollars on a college degree. Give that relative who’s always interested in something new a subscription to MasterClass or another adult learning service.

15. Spicy Honey

Have a foodie in the family? Chances are, he or she still hasn’t tried spicy honey. It’s all the rage these days, though, so help the gift recipient catch up by buying some to try.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

16. A Purse Organizer

Modern women don’t have time to waste digging around in their purses to find what they need. Help mom keeps track of her keys by giving her a purse organizer.

17. Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Smartphones are great because they let people carry all the music they want and listen to it wherever they go, but the sound quality isn’t great. Fix the problem for a music-loving family member by giving him or her a portable Bluetooth speaker.

18. Jigsaw Puzzles

Not everyone loves playing games on their phones. Some people still prefer the traditional appeal of jigsaw puzzles, which makes them great gifts.

19. Photo Collages

Want to celebrate shared memories? Put together a photo collage and have it professionally printed and framed.

20. Neck Ties

Ties make fantastic gifts for fathers, brothers, and other male relatives. More playful parents may even enjoy a good, old-fashioned bowtie.

21. Necklaces and Bracelets

Women of all ages love to show off their favorite pieces of jewelry. Pay attention and buy another piece that’s in a similar style so that it will make a good addition to her collection.

22. Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles

Come from an active family? Vacuum insulated water bottles are perfect for day hikes since they can keep liquids cool for up to 18 hours.

23. A Travel Pillow

With people starting to plan trips abroad again, now is the perfect time to encourage family members to travel. A travel pillow will make upcoming airplane rides more comfortable.

24. A Dictionary Safe

Dictionary safes, or book boxes, look like books, but they’re designed to camouflage valuables. They’re also available in multiple sizes and colors.

25. Memory Foam Slippers

Everyone deserves a little comfort. Help relatives up to their game by giving them memory foam slippers.

26. Unique Cookbooks

Not everyone likes to find new recipes online. For more traditional home chefs, a unique cookbook makes the perfect gift.

27. Touchscreen Gloves

Few people are excited about receiving normal mittens. However, anyone would be excited to get a pair of new touchscreen gloves, so gift away.

28. Essential Oil Diffuser

Have a family member into aromatherapy? A portable essential oil diffuser will make a very thoughtful gift.

29. Funny Sweatshirts

Funny sweatshirts will never go out of style because they’re designed to be loungewear. Plus, they’re easy to size.

30. Gift Certificates

When in doubt, don’t just send a card. At least take the time to pick out a relevant gift certificate.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right gifts is tough. Don’t go too far out on a limb or spend a fortune. Stick to tried-and-true favorites for relatives who aren’t that close.