Talkspace: A New Way To Access Therapy

Having access to a therapist at any time; that was the goal of Talkspace CEO Oren Frank when he founded the company with his wife in 2012. Talkspace is an online platform that connects users to mental health professionals and allows them to engage in therapy sessions over the phone.   Using text messages, e-mails, … [Read more…]

The Best Remedy For Family Financial Management Headache

Managing family finances can be quite a headache, and in a world with so many responsibilities, you deserve peace of mind by getting the right remedy. Poor management of family finance is one of the major factors that cause stress. What is more, a recent report from the APA says that, “money continues to be a top cause of stress”. Needless to … [Read more…]

What January Blues? 6 Fabulous Ways To Beat The Winter Blues.

Many people struggle in the new year because Christmas time is over and now there’s nothing large to look forward to (except going back to work, of course). The end of 2017 was pretty crap for me because I was jobless, and I lost a loved one to an awful battle with cancer. To be … [Read more…]