Why It’s All About The IT

Back in the 1990s, information technology was nothing more than a webpage, dial up Internet and USB sticks. Fast forward two decades and the world of IT consists of the greatest technological advancements known to humankind. When running your business in the twenty first century, it is imperative that you have a sound grasp of […]

Boost Your Brand’s First Impression

The world’s gone into hyperdrive. It’s a place where people travel at a million miles an hour and barely have time for anything anymore, where attention spans have fallen into the milliseconds. Think about it for a moment. The microwave made cooking a thousand times faster, Netflix removed the need for people to leave the […]

Why Working From Home Can Feel Crippling

According to the IPSE, there are 4.8 million self-employed people in the UK, 42% of these are freelancers. When it comes to the overall British economy, freelancers account for about 6% of the total workforce, fulling a variety of roles across a variety of industry sectors. Needless to say the majority of freelancers work from […]