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Baker Days Review

I was so excited when Baker Days contacted me and asked me to review a Mother’s Day cake for them!

I chose this design because pandas are a very loved animal in the Pork Pie house! We have teddies, DVD’s phone cases, t-shirts, you name it, we’ve probably got a panda on it! So this design seemed fitting.

Although I didn’t order the cake through the website, I took a look anyway to see how easy the process would be, in case of future ordering, and I must say, it looks very easy to order! It’s easy to find what you want on the site, as it is arranged into events like Birthdays and Valentines etc. The cakes are very easily personalized, with an easy ability to change the size, and the recipe (normal sponge, chocolate etc). On the next page you are able to completely personalize the text on the cake which I think is a lovely touch, it makes it more personal to whoever you may be sending it to.

I have to admit, before I received the cake I wasn’t aware that it would be a letterbox sized cake. That may sound a bit dim but I just thought it meant it would be a smaller cake than normal, not that it would actually come through the letter box! It’s very charming! I was pleasantly surprised when I walked through the door to find a neat little box sitting on the floor.

On opening this box I was immediately hit with an amazing sweet smell, to find this sweet little tin

I thought that this was a lovely way to present the cake, also, a tin that may be useful for after the cake has been eaten! Alongside the cake were some balloons, a couple of candles and a party horn, which I think is a nice touch.

Another thing which I thought was nice was the little tab that helped lift the cake out. Not only was it very useful, it put a smile on my face with this written:

Devour with great gusto, I planned to!

The cake was neatly wrapped in plastic to keep it fresh, although a piece of card that came with the cake informed me that the cake had two weeks of shelf life! I’ve worked in bakeries before and never known a cake to last that long, I’m impressed!

So, it was finally time, the moment I’d been waiting for since I first found out about this review. Tasting time. I cut myself and Mr Pie a large piece each. Mr Pie was first to bite into it, and before I’d had a chance to ask how it was, or even try my piece he blurts out “HOLY CRAP!” and gave me a ‘you’d better start eating yours so we can finish this cake’ look. I bit into the cake and wow. What an amazing balance between sponge and icing. They complement each other perfectly. The sponge was a beautiful consistency, and the buttery sweetness of the icing on the top made it heavenly.

I checked out the price of a letterbox cake – £14.99! For the size of it I’d say that was too expensive, although the cake was really tasty, and everything else to that point had really impressed me, it seems like for the size of the cake, it’s a bit steep. Saying that though, if I had the money to spend, I probably would buy a letterbox sized cake for a gift, but not for myself.

Overall, I think that Baker Days have a really good idea going on here, but as I mentioned, the only time I would buy from them, is for a special occasion. Everything was perfect, apart from the price. 

I would definitely recommend trying these cakes though, it’s easily made it into my top 5 cakes ever, and I love cake.

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge for this review, but all opinions stated in this review are my own.

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