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Psoriasis Doesn’t Define Who I Am

For over ten years now, I’ve suffered with psoriasis on my elbows, knees, and scalp. Since having my boy and gaining weight, many more patches have come up, right to the point where it hurts to stretch sometimes! I recently had an encounter with an extremely ignorant bitch who had the audacity to come and ask me what the hell […]

Vegan Friendly Curry Recipe

If there’s one dish that I simply couldn’t live without, it’s curry. So, you can imagine my despair at the thought of not being able to devour a curry every now and then. I then thought to myself hey, why not make your own vegan friendly curry? So I tried and tested a few different sauces and came up with […]

The Habits Harming Your Skin

We all care about our skin, keeping it looking healthier, younger, and smoother. At least, we should, given how much some of us end up spending on our skin care treatment. But it isn’t all down to making sure you’re applying everything you think your skin needs. There are plenty of habits worth avoiding that can do real damage, including […]