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Tips for Sleeping on a Plane

Good news: you’re excited to book your dream vacation. Bad news: you’re not immune to hassles of air travel including epically long flights, loud passengers, cramped seats, and sunlight pouring in at 35,000 feet. While a few lucky folks have the superpowers to sleep curled up like a pretzel in economy class, the rest of us need expert strategies to […]

Work Smart, Work Healthily

Setting up on your own, whether as a freelancer or as the owner of a small business, is not without its challenges and if you’ve been in business for even a little while you’ll know just how stressful life can be when you’re the one calling the shots. It’s easy to throw everything you’ve got into your business, even at […]

How To Start Freelancing

Tired of having to work under the constraints of an employer? Going freelance allows you to set your own hours, set your own prices and choose your own clients. It can be a way of potentially earning a lot more, whilst also helping you to manage your time better. However, freelancing is also a lot less stable – you need […]