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10 Tips For Paying For World Travel

10 Tips For Paying For World Travel

If you ask anyone what their bucket list includes, they’re sure to mention travel in some way. Whether it’s a trip to the Caribbean or a luxury resort in the Maldives, travel will always feature on a bucket list. Part of this is due to how expensive traveling can be, and the other half of this is that travel is seen as a luxury. To go to faraway places around the world is not the usual thing to do for most people who have families and careers. Traveling is saved to be squeezed into the vacation time that your workplace gives you each year, but it doesn’t mean that it’s an impossibility for you. It takes steady planning to figure out how to travel, but the first thing that you absolutely must do is figure out where you want to go and how much you need to do it. 

Once you have a figure in mind, the idea in your head stops being an idea and becomes a feasible plan in which you can follow easily. The biggest obstacle for you will be finances, and if you know how to save, you won’t have a problem. The biggest issue is trying to get the funds together in the first place.

Luckily for you, we have ten tips for saving that cash and getting you on that airplane for your first destination. Ready? Let’s go!

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Consolidate Debts

It’s a good idea to pay off some debt before you go jet-setting around the world. The best way to do that is to get one loan or look at short term loans for bad credit and pay all of your debts at once. This leaves you just one payment to make each month while covering all of your debt. World travel is much less stressful when you know that you can travel the world and not worry about monthly outgoings. Being debt-free can improve your overall financial outlook, and it frees up the money to spend on travel expenses instead.

Cut Your Spending

To free even more cash for your budget, try cutting down on what you are spending altogether. Set yourself a daily challenge where you are limited to what you can spend daily. Create a shopping list that will reflect what you want to eat all week and stick to it. The more you plan each individual expense and cut out the things that you don’t need to spend on, the better off you will be. Use an app like this to track your spending and your budget and – if all else fails – stop bringing your bank cards out with you when you don’t need anything from the shops. This will mean that you stop unnecessary spending while you are out.

Make A Travel List

Where in the world do you want to go? Do you want to gallivant over the Galapagos or glimpse wildlife on the Great Barrier Reef? No matter what it is that you want to see on your travels, write it down. Every time you want to go to the shops to buy more of anything, read through your travel list and remind yourself why you aren’t spending the money elsewhere. Research what kind of items you’ll need to buy for the type of excursion you’re going on. A trip to the Andes would require suitable clothes, hiking boots and even trekking poles. You need to have a constant reminder of why you are doing this so that you can stay focused on what you want.

Make Travel The Priority

If you want to go out into the world and do something, you’ll do it. The problem is, as with anything, you have to make it a priority for your life. If you wanted to buy a house, you’d make room in your budget to ensure you were meeting your own savings goals. The same goes if you’re going to travel the world – you’ll make it work if it’s a priority for you. You’ll make sacrifices to make it happen, and they will be worth it!

Want VS Need

Do you want Netflix, or do you need it? Do you want a takeaway, or do you need it? Identifying the differences can help you to decide whether travel is what you truly want or you just have a dream swirling around in your head. For every time you have a want rather than a need, move the money to your savings account. It’s incredible how many times a week a want will add up!

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Save First

Before you buy the shoes, the bag or the night out with your friends, save your money first. If after your savings, bills, and rent you can still afford the shoes, the next question is to ask yourself what color you plan to buy them in?

Reduce Bills

How much you pay out on your bills depends on the deals that you have. You can get a lot of comparison items done online where you can reduce the cost of your bills, your phone, and even your debts. You don’t need the flashiest phone or the best ever car – get what’s affordable to you and stick to that affordable cost. Once you start looking into reducing one bill, you’ll be able to cut more and more of them until you have the savings that you need to book your next trip.

Take On More Work

It’s not always easy to find another job, but if you can get out there and find a job or sell a skill that you have that is existing, you should do it. Your skills deserve to shine, and by putting out your skills as a freelancer, you can bring in that additional income without needing to actually head out to a workplace every day on top of your usual job. Doing what you can to supplement your income is essential, and you’ll be able to travel with the money that you have leftover.

Credit Cards & Their Rewards

There are plenty of credit cards out there that offer you rewards that you can take up. You can get cashback, points, and miles – which can all go toward your travel budget. The miles, especially, can get you from A to B pretty quickly without having to save up too much extra cash alongside it. As you use your cards, those miles will add up and cost you a lot less than you can imagine! Take the time to speak to your credit card provider and learn what they can offer you, and you can start enjoying your rewards properly.

Pay As You Travel

Traveling the world doesn’t have to leave you out of pocket, not when you can take up a myriad of jobs while you’re on the moe. Every time you start getting low on funds, you can take up another responsibility abroad and continue traveling on your way. The more you work, the more overseas experience you get and the more money you can rack up as you travel. This can enable you to go from place to place with relatively little capital. English teaching and bar/waiting jobs are always on offer for travelers, but you have to put yourself out there to get one of them. Don’t be afraid to ask for a job if it’s something that you’re looking to do; there will always be grateful people ready and willing to give you the chance to work should you ask for it. Your travel dreams can come true with a little faith in yourself, so don’t hold back – see the world!

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