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3 Easy Ways To Save Money On Printing Costs In Your Office

3 Easy Ways To Save Money On Printing Costs In Your Office

You might not realise this, but printers can be a massive waste of money. Well, they’re useful, but they waste money if you don’t use them correctly. For starters, you can spend lots of money on paper if you’re constantly printing stuff out in the office. Secondly, the cost of keeping the printer on uses energy and you also have the cost of replacing the printer ink. 

Bearing all of that in mind, how can you save money on printing costs in your business? It’s much easier than it seems; check out these three ideas that you can implement right away: 

Only print if completely necessary

Consider why you are printing things in your office – do you really need to? 

For example, you print out customer contracts when you could just send them via email and use a digital signature. It’s common practice these days and the fact you still send paper contracts might make you look too old-fashioned. 

Before you print something, ask yourself if it needs to be printed. You can cut down on printer and paper usage, saving a lot of money. Similarly, ensure that everything you need to print has been double and triple-checked before printing. This avoids instances when you print a load of items with errors and need to reprint them again. 

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Opt for a laser printer

Don’t use an inkjet printer in your office as it really isn’t built for this type of thing. They’re better to use at home, while laser printers with toner are way more useful in an office setting. This is because they’re more efficient at printing large quantities, saving you a lot of money whenever you print. 

What’s more, laser printers typically last for longer before the toner needs to be replaced. So, you spend less money over time on replacement cartridges for the device. 

Keep your printer well-maintained

It’s always important to treat your printer like any other important device in your office. You’d update your computers regularly and ensure they’re in excellent condition, right? The same should be done for your printers. 

Companies like Boomerang TCR QLD offer printer repair and maintenance services that are worth looking into. Servicing your printer every few months will ensure that it continues to work correctly and is as efficient as possible. Therefore, you save money by not needing to pay for repairs or replacement printers. At the same time, you save money because your printer works better and isn’t as wasteful when it uses energy. 

See, these ideas are all very simple and can be used right away in your office. They will help you spend less money on printer costs every single week, translating into huge savings during the year. Furthermore, this represents one of the smartest ways to slash overhead costs in your business. You’re picking something that can be changed without disrupting your work output. So, you save money without making any other financial sacrifices. Look for more ideas like this around your workplace if you want to cut your overhead expenses as much as possible. 

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