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3 Instant Ways To Widen Your Blog Audience

3 Instant Ways To Widen Your Blog Audience

How do you measure the success of a blog? Do you even need to bother? Well, it depends on how you approach blogging. If it’s a hobby, then you probably don’t care about success or numbers that much. If you see it as your own small business, then you definitely need it to be successful.

As such, you’re mainly concerned with how many people are reading your posts. If you consistently have a stream of traffic on your blog, then you start to grow an audience. This means you make more money from any adverts on your blog posts, more brands may contact you, and so on. 

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You want a big audience, but you want it to remain quite consistent. What I mean is that it should be an audience of people that share similar interests. This makes it much easier to write posts, and it’s also far easier for brands to see if your blog identifies with their target audience. So, how do you widen your blog audience without accidentally attracting a completely different demographic? Here are some ideas that work pretty much instantly:

Add new categories or sub-categories

You can blog about one main topic and split it into different categories and sub-categories. Be aware that most people within a target audience also have quite specific interests. Let’s say you have a business blog. That’s such a broad topic, and you’ll attract an audience of entrepreneurs or business professionals. But, if you add in categories to do with marketing or finance or HR, then you can capture some new audience members. People may have avoided your blog before as it was too general. Now, you have topics that speak to them specifically. So, they’ll come along for the ride, and your audience widens. 

Translate your work

This is perhaps the best idea, yet one that hardly anyone thinks about! What’s the drawback of having a blog in English? You cut out all the audiences that can’t speak your lingo. So, if you translated your posts into different languages, you suddenly appeal to loads of new audience members. There are companies like Architekst that can translate an entire website for you. As a result, you can broaden your appeal by finding foreign audiences. The content remains the same, your target market doesn’t shift, you just bring in readers that previously wouldn’t have understood the language. 

Guest post

Reach out to a wider audience by guest posting on other blogs or websites. This lets you take advantage of someone else’s large platform to essentially promote your writing. The viewers of these blogs/website may have never heard of yours before. After reading your guest post, they can be inclined to find out more. Thus, your audience grows!

Realistically, your audience can never stop growing. You’ll never reach a point where every single person that fits your target audience reads your blog. It’s impossible! So, there will always be opportunities to grow your blog and find new audience members. At the same time, the ideas above ensure that you don’t alter your blog too much in the process. Therefore, you retain your current audience as well.