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4 Ways to Create a Safe Working Environment for Your Staff

4 Ways to Create a Safe Working Environment for Your Staff

These days, there’s a lot more emphasis on worker safety. And for good reason too. There were far too many injuries at the workplace, and all those injuries ended up costing the government and companies almost $60 billion in 2015. 

Interestingly, about 10 injury types accounted for the bulk of those costs –about $52 billion- while the rest cost about $8 billion. If you don’t make provisions for worker safety, your company is bound to end up paying a fortune in workers compensation. 

If you want to save all that money, and keep your employees safe so they can go back to their families safely, the safety tips in this blog post will help. 

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Ensure That There’s Adequate Safety Training

Think about this for a moment: to what extent are your workers aware of safety protocols and activities? Are people routinely careless about safety? If they are, chances are that they do not have the required training to or awareness to make that a priority. 

The easiest way to ensure that there’s a full-fledged safety culture is by carrying out periodic safety training. Workers who are trained in safety protocols tend to be more careful in the workplace than those who aren’t. Hire safety trainers and experts to periodically train your staff. 

Equip Employees With Adequate Tools and Safety Kits

Training your staff is a great place to start. But it’s not enough to just train them and not equip them properly for their own safety. Workers need to know that once they are at work, they must adorn all safety gear and kits.

To do this, therefore, it is important to provide the necessary safety kits and gears for your workers. These typically include safety boots, coveralls, mufflers, goggles, gloves, hats, nose masks, and other protective gear. 

Get Solid Legal Advice

By advice, we don’t just mean financial advice, you should also get legal advice from knowledgeable solicitors who are familiar with workplace safety. You need to be fully covered and protected in the event of an accident. 

The reality is that in spite of all the safety training, accidents can and do happen. When this occurs, you want to make sure that you have covered all the necessary things that are required. 

This way, workers can’t sue you or the company for negligence. Plus, it’s easier to have your lawyers handle any workers’ compensation claims or deal with the injured employee’s attorney.  

Ensure there are Regular Safety Meetings

Apart from having safety protocols in place, it is important to periodically reinforce the safety culture you’ve established, as well as, provide new up-to-date training that will keep your workers safe. This will help preempt possible safety threats and forestall them.

To do this, you’ll need to have regular safety meetings and even drills at the workplace. Regular safety meetings help with reviewing the rules, refresh the workers’ knowledge, and ensures that workers stay safety-conscious while at work, and even outside work. 

Also, safety meetings and drills help workers prepare for any eventuality. This way, if anything happens, they’ll know what to do to minimize damage and casualties. 

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