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5 Tips To Keep Your Body Looking Tanned For Longer

Now and over the next six weeks, there’ll be a special breed of human returning to the UK after lapping up the sun in a far-flung, exotic destination: The Tanned Man/Woman. These folks walk among us, looking healthy, attractive, and as if they have a tale or two to tell. You might be one yourself. If you are, you’ll want to hold on to this state of being for as long as possible. Below, we offer five tips that’ll help you keep your tan for as long as possible.

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Know How To Tan

A longer lasting, more even tan begins with knowing how to get that healthy glow in the first place. We know, it can be tempting to lie in the sun for as long as possible, waiting for the sun to do its thing. But this is a mistake. The best method is tan slowly. You’ll need to wear plenty of sun lotion and avoid spending too long in the sun at any one time. Start small; say, 20 minutes or so of sun exposure, and then gradually increase it as the holiday moves along.

Keeping Skin Healthy

Any degree of tan is a form of skin damage, but it’s not one that’ll cause you any long term effects if you’ve tanned properly. However, you’ll still need to correct the ‘damage’ that you’ve done to your skin, and this means making sure you have plenty of remedies in your cupboards. Throw on enough skin care products to keep your skin from drying out, and make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, too. It’s an essential part of keeping your skin sufficiently moisturized.

Trick of the Eye

You might want to buy some new clothes when you’re back in the UK. Remember, a tan is all relative. When you were in the Mediterranean (or wherever you hopped to), you’ll have looked positively pasty next to the locals. Back in England, you’ll look tanned. You can accentuate this look by wearing colours that bring out your brown look, specifically white. Even when your tan fades slightly, there’ll still be signs of that tan.

You’ve Made It, Now Fake It

Your tan doesn’t have to be entirely natural. You might have picked up your tan from tanning yourself on the beaches of Europe, but you’ll have few opportunities to keep your tan topped up when you’re back in grey old Blighty. Pick up a bottle of fake tan and gradually blend it in as your tan begins to fade. People will already be used to seeing you with a tan, so it’ll all look natural – whether you decide to tell them the truth is entirely up to you.

Back on the Plane

Not that you needed another excuse to head back to the sunshine, but…tans do work best when they’re spread out over a longer period. If you had the option, it would be better to have two single week holidays two months apart, rather than having a two-week trip all in one go.

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    • […] It’s a given that you’ll need sun protection during your holiday abroad. Many people, however, still fail to use the right sun protection which can cause many problems. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and if you’re not 100% sure how to protect yourself and others properly – this useful advice from Cancer Research UK could help. While sunburn is a clear consequence of wearing the wrong level of sun protection, you could also have to deal with premature aging and even skin cancer. Provided you tan safely, there’s no reason why you can’t return from your travels with a gorgeous glow, that can be maintained by following steps to keep your tan looking healthy for longer. […]