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5 Ways to Look Like an Italian Bombshell

5 Ways to Look Like an Italian Bombshell

Two words perfectly describe a true Italian woman – class and sophistication. Women admire them, men adore them. Wherever they show up, chances that both men and women would turn their heads to look at them are equal. So, why are these women so special, or is this question totally unnecessary? The answer is simple. It’s their irresistible charm that only gets doubled by the way they dress. These women aren’t vulgar, but sexy and provocative. They’ve got some major style without bothering too much. Their makeup is simple and seductive, and a red lip is a must. If you want to be like them and look effortlessly beautiful, flick through the list and take some notes.

Innate style

If you’ve ever visited any of the beautiful Italian towns, you could’ve noticed that even babies in their strollers look fashionable head to toe. Then, why should it be strange that an average Italian woman is full of great taste? Italians have a built-up style regardless of current fashion trends. Their style is timeless and unique, and most of them stick to the classics. Of course, they wear certain pieces of fast fashion, but they always combine them with classic items they’ve been keeping in their closet forever. A simple white shirt tucked in a great pair of denim jeans with loafers is how they express their simplicity. You should also know that Italian ladies don’t keep their dresses for special occasions. You could see them wearing a knee-length polka dot dress with pointy heels and a nice purse during the daytime, because that’s how they do it. A quality trench coat is also a must-have in their wardrobe, as well as a pricey bag and some signature glasses.

Living la vida Italiana

Every fashion-savvy Italian lady that is also a member of the young fashion Instagram elite spends her summer on multiple locations around the world, which means there are many killer outfits included in her journey. Many Italian bloggers like Chiara Ferragni and Giorgia Tordini enjoy publishing their photos on Instagram, bragging and checking in at different dream destinations while giving us an insight into their perfectly packed suitcases. Italian bombshells are used to looking glamorous in and out of the water. Therefore, a modern Italian mermaid needs some super hot bikinis to complement her super chic beach look. According to Chiara, this season’s must-haves are sexy high waisted bikini bottoms and a strapless top in the same color. When she’s not wearing her bikini top, she likes to cover her breasts with some juicy coconut cocktails and make Instagram explode. I guess the Italians also have a wild side in their blood apart from being ultra stylish at every occasion.

Powerful blazer

A gray blazer with golden buttons is an inevitable part of a real Italian fashionista. For a busy day at the office, they like to pair it with a simple white tee, high-waisted ankle length denim jeans, black mid-heel pointed shoes, a statement red Chanel bag, cat eye shaped sunnies, and initial earrings. Jewelry is a must, and it’s usually a golden watch along with subtle or cuff bracelets. Italian women also like to wear golden hoop earrings and chain necklaces.

Sexy lingerie

Real women do care what’s underneath their impeccable surface. That’s why many women like to keep their lingerie sultry and sexy even though they’re the only one seeing it. Red lacey undies and a wire-free bra are always a good idea underneath a sheer shirt, just in case a wardrobe malfunction happens.

Less is more

Italians choose quality before quantity and that’s why they never buy thousands of cosmetic products. They use several quality products on a daily basis and they never go overboard with their makeup. Powder, blush, mascara and a lipstick are mandatory in their everyday makeup routine. They tend to be all natural and effortless. A great perfume is a must, because it totally dresses up the whole outfit and puts you in a certain mood.

Magnetic attraction, a dose of mystery and a special lifestyle – this is the best description of Italian women today and by following any of these tips, be sure you’ll easily blend in.