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8 Factors That Make Your Home a Burglar Magnet

8 Factors That Make Your Home a Burglar Magnet

Certain homes attract burglars more than others. They have something special that draws the eye. What elements appear enticing to those that wish to do harm? The landscaping, design, or decor stand out as three things homeowners need to consider when reviewing the security of their residence. The following serve as eight areas an owner needs to pay close attention to when conducting this analysis.

Flashy Exterior

Individuals don’t want to live in a cookie-cutter home. They like to make their residence their own in a variety of ways. However, burglars take note of houses that stand out in the crowd. Blending in becomes a good thing when you don’t want to be the victim of a crime. Anything that attracts a person’s eye could catch the attention of a criminal. For instance, cute lawn ornaments often get noticed by those passing by. When a criminal takes note of the lawn ornaments, they likely also look at other features that could make the residence an easy target. Men and women can get information here about other things they should consider when it comes to their property and its appearance.

A Run-Down Appearance

On the other hand, a homeowner should never let the property become run down. Thieves often target poorly maintained homes, as they feel the homeowner who doesn’t take care of the property likely doesn’t emphasize security. Never let the grass become overgrown or brown and dry. Both situations draw attention, often of the unwanted kind.

Hidden Entrances

Walk around the residence and see if there are any hidden entrances a burglar could use to access the interior. A basement window hidden from view by bushes offers a good example of this type of entrance, as does a back door that neighbors cannot easily see. Burglars love finding properties that they can access without being detected.

Easy Access to Tools

Why bring your tools when you are going to commit a crime if the victim will provide them for you? Items on the property can be used to gain entry into the home, and people must realize this. For instance, lawn furniture left outside provides a burglar with the means to access a second-story window, while a screwdriver lying on the back porch makes it easy to open the back door. Never leave items lying around that could be used to break into the home.

No Security Measures

Criminals look to see if a property owner has security measures in place when deciding which residences to hit. They avoid those homes with an alarm system or video surveillance, deadbolts, and floodlights. Make certain your home has measures in place to deter them from trying to enter.

Owners Who Are Away

Mail collecting in the box, newspapers stacked on the porch, and other items accumulating alert individuals to a family that isn’t home. A lack of lights in the home likewise suggests people aren’t present. Stop mail and newspaper delivery and put lights in the home on a timer to suggest you are there.


Criminals love places where they can hide and carry out their illegal acts. Hedges offer the perfect cover when they break into a home. Consider cutting down any obstructions around the residence to reduce your risk of being burglarized.

Keys Left Outside

Burglars know the popular hiding places for spare keys. The false rock stands out to them, and the first place they look is under the doormat. Don’t leave keys outside for any reason. Find a better way to ensure a loved one can gain access to the home when needed.

Walk around the residence and look for other things that might tempt a burglar. You can never be too careful when it comes to your family and property. Remain vigilant at all times, as your safety and that of your loved ones depend on it.

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