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A Blissful Bedroom – Tips For Relaxation

A Blissful Bedroom – Tips For Relaxation

There are very few things that you should really do in your bedroom, and one of the biggest ones is relaxing. Some people play games, others watch movies or read books, and some only want to sleep. Whatever you choose to do, it should all lead to relaxation and a blissful night’s sleep. 

So how do you make your bedroom more relaxing? 

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Lighting a few candles can change the mood in a room almost immediately. Of course, if you don’t like the idea of an open flame in your bedroom, then you can switch this out for a reed diffuser. The bonus to the reed diffuser is that it releases fragrance all day. 

Many people choose to have jasmine or lavender to help them relax in the evenings. The sea breeze and fresh linen scents are great to create a light, clean feeling in the room. 

Another great option, for those who like to create their own personal mix, is an oil burner with a range of essential oils. 


If your bedroom is messy, it will be playing on your mind and make it less likely that you can relax. There are a few things that you can do here. Cleaning being the obvious one. But having better storage in the first place can make a difference. Consider getting a fitted bedroom, as typically they will have enough storage for you with compromising on style and space. 

Have a cleaning routine in place so that at least once a week, you declutter and tidy up. 


If your mattress is old, has a dip in the middle or really lumpy, then your sleep quality is going to be dramatically reduced. Even if you don’t notice, being uncomfortable will cause you to toss and turn during the night and wake you up too. The right mattress will be supportive and comfortable. The firmness of your mattress is a personal choice. The tog of your duvet can also impact your sleep quality. 

There should be a variation between winter and summer. So that you remain at a comfortable temperature all evening. Getting too hot or too cold will rouse you from your slumber too. If you don’t want to store an extra duvet, then you can consider getting a thick luxury blanket for use on top of the duvet during the winter months. 


If you can’t live life without music, then adding it to your bedroom on a more permanent basis might be precisely what you need. An old record player can add a touch of style, and you can have your favourite vinyl playing while you get ready in the mornings. Of course, most people have an Alexa or a Google Home instead so you can ask for any style of music you want instantly. 

A SONOS is also a great option and doesn’t take more than a wifi connection to be ready to use. 

And finally, add some plants – faux or real doesn’t matter. But the green they bring is calming and adds a quick touch of luxe. 

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