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Business Merchandise: Does It Still Matter?

Business Merchandise: Does It Still Matter?

Does promotional material still matter in this day and age? You may be surprised by this answer, but yes, it does. Why? Customers want to be a part of something. They want to be included in something bigger than themselves. Who doesn’t want to be invited to the party? Businesses and their brands are seen very much in these sorts of ways, in the modern world. Customers want to feel special as they consciously know they’re one in a gigantic ocean of other consumers. So when your business goes to an event of some kind, you need to have promotion gear that you can sell and or give out to your customers. But what kind of things, when and where should you give them out?

Product launch 
The single best place for promotional items is at a product launch. You’re providing customers with the entire experience. From start to finish, they should be given the most resounding message of who you are and the things you stand for as a business. Small promotional items that customers can use right then and there, will be a big hit. Everyone wants to join in and be part of the energy in the venue. Badges are such an item which you can wear on your person, fit onto your purse or backpack. Using a badge making kit, you can make your own unique button pin badges. Print of a circular design, such as your logo and then meld it with thin film and thin metal to create a badge. You can have piles of badges dotted around the venue for people to take at will.

Loud and proud

Business exhibitions are scary. You’re no longer at a product launch which is your exclusive event. You’re now in the belly of the best and it’s time to make your name loud and proud among all of your rivals. A customized t-shirt is something you should sell on the cheap or perhaps give away to customers who are loyal to your brand. People will be wearing your t-shirt, with your logo, slogans, and mascot. It’s the best way to show your popularity and get the guests to the exhibition to recognize your business. The single most important thing is to get the colors of your logo completely right on the t-shirt. If people get a glancing look at the t-shirt, they’ll instantly be reminded of your business. 

Going all out

Conferences are a specialist event type. This is when most media and industry experts are invited. You need to go all out for your promotional merchandise. Create pens, glasses, coffee mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, custom cufflinks, bags, wallets, and keychains in your brand image. This will give everyone at least one thing they will use after the event, spreading your name wherever they go. Since you are surrounded by experts and media, you can sell these items whereas, at more common events, you might struggle to get someone to buy cufflinks made in your logo design.

Yes of course merchandise still matters. But, it’s how you present it and when. Brand merchandise is a great way to make a marketing impact in the real-world.