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Continuing to care for your garden with a bad back

Continuing to care for your garden with a bad back

Continuing to care for your garden with a bad back 

A bad back can be crippling and may prevent you from doing many things you love. However, depending on the nature of your injury light exercise may be very beneficial. As much as you can try and continue doing things you enjoy, especially if you are older, as when you stop doing the thing you may lose some of your independence. Gardens are important, they are a peaceful place to be and give you a reason to get outside. This has lots of benefits including exposure to vitamin D and fresh air.

If you have a serious back injury, then always consult with your doctor. If you are suffering after a spine implant then you should read about the spinal stimulator lawsuit and get the help you need.  


Before you do any exercise, lightly stretch your muscles. This will help you to avoid any further injury. You can find some stretching ideas here, but know your body and stay within your limits. 

Avoid repetition

Avoid repetitive work which can put excessive strain on one part of your back. 

Digging can be repetitive, so consider a no-dig method. This involves spreading manure over the top of a surface. This also stops you from disturbing the soil underneath which can cause weeds. 

No heavy lifting

Do not lift anything heavy. And when you do lift anything make sure you use the proper lifting technique – bend your knees and keep your back straight. You may also want to invest in a belt that provides your back with extra support. 

Garden layout

Get help to insert raised flowerbeds so that you don’t have to lean down. You should also keep them narrow, so you don’t have to stretch over them. Plant things that grow slowly and are easier to maintain.

You can also utilize things like mulch which will prevent weeds and help the soil to retain moisturizer to reduce the amount you have to water it. 

Consider fake grass, as this will prevent you from having to mow the lawn. 


Use tools that have long handles – this will stop you from having to bend down or stretch too much. A tool belt might also be a good idea so you can carry what you need with you without the need to bend down to the floor. 

Use long hoses instead of watering cans or consider an irrigation system to take away the need of watering your plants. 

Look after yourself

Take it slowly, remember you may not be able to do as much as you once could. Be patient and listen to your body and only care for your garden in short intervals. See how you get on with this and then you can always increase the amount of time you spend on it if you feel that you can do more. 

When caring for your garden make sure you stay hydrated and are protected from the sun with a big hat and plenty of sun cream. 

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