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Drama With Money And Home Improvements

Drama With Money And Home Improvements

For over a year now, Mr. Pie and I have wanted to buy our own house. I’m not going to go into lots of detail, but we’ve had some money difficulties which have prevented us from being able to do so.

We’ve decided to sell our flat while we’re still living here because it seems like the fastest and most cost effective way of doing it. We had originally planned to buy our house before we sell where we are living now because it needs doing up (big time), but we have decided to give it a go while we’re all still living here.

The most important room of the flat needs completely ripping out and refurbishing. Our kitchen is honestly a shit hole. The room itself is quite large with high ceilings, but the cupboards are small and old. The oven is integrated, but I’m pretty sure it’s older than I am. The room needs totally pulling out and starting again from scratch.

The property doesn’t have much storage, so we’re going to have to install some. The carpets were ruined by the last tenants that we rented the flat out to, so some of the carpets and other flooring will need to be replaced.

The whole process at the moment seems very daunting to us both, but we are determined to get to where we want in life. Neither of us though is very handy with DIY so that’s more money that’s going to come out of our pockets.

I’ve decided to begin a home improvement section on my blog, to document our progress and hopefully get some tips from everyone!

Has anyone else been in my situation before? If so, how did you get out of it?

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