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Gym Options for Schools

Gym Options for Schools

In today’s world, fitness is an important part of a well-rounded education. Schools have many options when it comes to providing gym and fitness equipment for their students. From traditional fitness machines to outdoor sports courts, there are a variety of ways they can help their students stay active and healthy. 

By exploring the different types of gym equipment available, schools can create the perfect fitness environment to compete successfully in sporting events.

Hirefitness can supply school gym equipment to the quality that schools require it to be. It does need to be safe and well maintained. This is important for the well-being of students.

In this article, we will discuss some different gym options so that you can consider what is best for your school.

Traditional Fitness Machines

Traditional fitness machines, such as treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes are a great way to provide students with an easy-to-use fitness option.

These machines give students the ability to track their progress and stay motivated while working out. 

Schools can also purchase cost-effective fitness packages which include multiple machines to create a comprehensive fitness centre. It pays to be able to obtain a discount when buying more than one machine because schools will tend to want them in multiples to satisfy all the students.

Treadmills are great for running indoors. You can also alter their gradient to make things harder and seem like you are running up a mountain. In general, this type of machine is excellent training for students who enjoy cross-country running.

Two other types of stationary trainers, in that you more or less stay on the spot while exercising, are the ellipticals and exercise bikes. Another name for the elliptical trainer is a cross-trainer. It is used to walk or run without excessive pressure on joints as well as stair climb. On an exercise bike, you can cycle the same number of miles as if in a race, yet keep warm and dry. The warmer you get, the more likely you are to have had a good workout. Tensions can be adjusted to make it harder to cycle, which would be the case up a steep gradient.

It is hard to beat the traditional fitness machine when it comes to keeping your students fit in terms of the cardiovascular side as well as strengthening muscles for certain sports. Making sure that we are ready for a certain activity is key to not only doing well but not straining our bodies unnecessarily because they were unprepared for such endurance and competition.

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Outdoor Sports Courts

For schools with the space and budget, outdoor sports courts are an excellent way to bring fitness outside of the classroom. 

Basketball hoops, tennis nets, and other court equipment can provide students with a variety of fitness options that appeal to different interests. 

Outdoor courts also offer opportunities for team sports which provide added fitness benefits. It is always good to have an indoor option, though, when the weather is bad outside. School athletes still need to exercise ready for a team match that is to take place soon.

Fitness Classes

Many schools offer fitness classes for their students to stay active and socialise at the same time.

Dance, yoga, or fitness boot camps are popular options that give students a structured fitness opportunity in an enjoyable atmosphere.

There are ways to exercise with minimal equipment, but always make sure that you have a thick enough mat for comfort and to absorb impact. Stay safe in any exercise you are taking part in, whether or not mechanical assistance is provided. 

Many pieces of equipment can be quite high-tech with their digital display panels that work out just how far we have effectively travelled.


By exploring the different fitness options available, schools can create the perfect environment for their students to stay fit and healthy. With the right combination of fitness machines, outdoor sports courts, and fitness classes, schools can ensure that all of their students have access to a variety of fitness options. 

Ultimately, creating an environment where fitness is encouraged can help foster healthier habits in young people which will benefit them throughout their lives.

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