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Home Appliances and their Maintenance: Top 5 examples

Home Appliances and their Maintenance: Top 5 examples

Can you imagine a home without an A.C. or a fan? Would it be possible to live happily without a washing machine? Can a fridge that keeps breaking down keep your food in proper condition? Well, the answer to most of these questions would be a big NO. Our peace and sense of comfort at home are mostly due to the different appliances that almost every household has. It is thus extremely vital to keep all these appliances in proper condition. Let’s have a look at 5 such appliances that need to be serviced regularly.

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A very common home appliance, the geyser, is responsible for providing us with hot water in cold temperatures. A lot of our daily activities like bathing and washing utensils involve the use of water and it can become very tough in cold regions to do all this without a geyser. Geysers sometimes rust from the inside or start leaking, which can be dangerous in a lot of ways. They should be serviced regularly so that a professional can check for leaks and signs of rusting. Staying one step ahead can ensure a regular supply of clean hot water. 


Dishwashers save us from the stressful and time-consuming activity of washing the dishes. An automatic dishwasher has proved to be a haven for housewives and people living alone. A dishwasher isn’t very costly to run and doesn’t consume a lot of electricity, but it needs regular servicing. The spray arms need replacing, the belt becomes weak, the pumps can get blocked, or the overall efficiency may diminish due to some fault. It is a complex machine that requires a look at it every now and then.

Air Conditioner

Probably the most valued home appliance these days of global warming. As the temperature soars and cities are breaking heatwave records, air conditioners have become more essential than ever. Consistent use of the AC makes it run out of gas and the filters get clogged up very easily. Experts at Zipf-Air suggest that regular servicing and maintenance of air conditioners result in better cooling. The research also points out that unserviced appliances sometimes use more energy than they should which can rapidly raise your electricity bill. Therefore, timely maintenance of air conditioners is more important now than ever.


A fridge is an appliance that consumes electricity and functions round the clock. An appliance that never shuts off needs to be thoroughly checked by a professional every now and then. A fridge can develop a number of problems like insufficient cooling, gas leak, thermostat break downs, etc. These glitches can only be prevented if one calls in for its service regularly from a trusted company.

Washing Machine

Our dirty clothes and linen are all thrown into the washing machine with a hope that they will come out clean and ready to be used. A washing machine mostly lives up to this expectation but only when it is in proper condition. Faults in the circuit, duct leaks, sensor failures and other such problems can arise very easily if you do not take care of the machine. Just like any other machine, it experiences wear and tear. The only way out is, again, regular servicing. Professional servicing and maintenance is the only thing that will keep it from giving you any troubles.

The things that provide you comfort and luxury at home also require equal care in return. Spending a few minutes to make a call to a trusted service center will not take much of your time and energy. Putting just a little effort in the right direction can save you a lot of money and discomfort.

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